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This webpage reproduces a section of
The Geography

Claudius Ptolemy

published in English translation by
Dover Publications, 1991

The text is in the public domain.

This text has been carefully proofread
and I believe it to be free of errors.
If you find a mistake though,
please let me know!

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 p59  Book II, Chapter 7

Location of Lugdunensis Gallia
(Third Map of Europe)

Thayer's Note: Stevenson's "translation" of Ptolemy, to which this page belongs, is abysmally bad. It should not be used for any serious purpose. For details and correctives, see my Ptolemy homepage.

The borders of Lugdunensis which touch Aquitania have been described; and that which looks toward the ocean is described in the following order, after the mouth of the Liger river:

Brivates harbor 17*40 48°45
mouth of the Herius river 17*00 49°15
Vidana harbor 16*30 49°40
Gabaeum promontory 15*15 49°45

The north side which borders on the Britannic ocean is thus described: after the Gabaeum promontory

Saliocanus harbor 16*30 50°00
mouth of the Titus river 17*20 50°20

the Biducasi

Aregenua 18*00 50°30

the Venelli

Crociatonnum 18*50 50°30
mouth of the Olina river 18*45 51°00

the Lexubi

Noeomagus 19*30 51°10
mouth of the Sequana river 20*00 51°30

The eastern border is common with Belgica running along the Sequana river,

the middle of which border is located in 24*00 47°20
from this point it extends direct as far as the terminus in 25*00 45°30

The southern side is terminated by that part of Narbonensis which extends as far as the terminus in the indicated confines of Aquitania near the Cemmeni mountains,

the middle part of which is in 20*0 44°30

The Caletae inhabit the north coast from the Sequana river, whose town is

Iuliobana 20*15 51°20

Next to these are the Lexubi, then the Venelli, after these the Biducasi and the Osismi extending as far as the Gabaeum promontory, whose town is

Vorganium 17*40 50°10

The Veneti occupy the western coast below the Osismi, whose town is

Darioritum 17*20 49°15

Below these are the Samnites who extend as far as the Liger river. In the interior toward the east from the Veneti are the Aulircii Diablitae, whose town is

Noeodunum 18*00 50°00

After these are the Arvi and the town

Vagoritum 18*40 50°00

After these, extending as far as the Sequana, are the Veneliocasi, whose town is

Ratomagus 20*10 50°20

And back from the Samnites toward the east are the Andicavae, whose town is

Iuliomagus 18*50 49°00

After these toward the east are the Aulirei Cenomani, whose town is

Vindinum 20*45 49°20

 p60  After these are the Namnetae, whose town is

Condivincum 21*15 50°00

Extending to the river Sequana are the Abrincatui, and their town is

Ingena 21*45 50°45

The Aulirci Eburaici extend below those we have mentioned, from the river Liger to the Sequana whose town is

Mediolanium 20*40 48°00

Below these on the banks of the river Liger are the Rhedones, whose town is

Condate 20*40 47°20

And toward the east from these are the Senones, whose town is

Agedicum 21*15 47°10

Near the Sequana are the Carnutae, and the towns

Autricum 21*40 48°15
Cenabum 22*00 47°50

Below these are the Parisi and the town

Lucotecia 23*30 47°45

Below these are the Tricasi and the town

Augustobona 23*30 47°45

Below these races which we have mentioned near the Liger river, are the Turoni, and their town is

Caesarondunum 20*45 46°30

Below these on the border of the Averni who inhabit the Cemmenos mountains are the Segusiavi and their towns are

Rhodumna 20*15 45°50
Forum Segusianorum 20*50 45°30

Toward the east, from those we have mentioned, are the Meldae and the town

Latinum 23*00 47°30

Next to these toward Belgica are the Vadicasi and the town

Noeomagus 24*20 46°30

Toward the east from the Averni extending as far as the river which flows from the north into the Rhone river, is the race of the Aedui, and the towns

Augustodunum 23*40 46°30
Cabyllinum 23*50 45°20
Lugdunum metropolis 23*15 45°20

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