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Book III, Chapter 7

Location of Iazyges Metanastae
(from the Ninth Map of Europe)

Thayer's Note: Stevenson's "translation" of Ptolemy, to which this page belongs, is abysmally bad. It should not be used for any serious purpose. For details and correctives, see my Ptolemy homepage.

[ 7/12/98: ]

This map demonstrates clearly that the lists of places and coördinates constituting the chapters of the Geography were merely parts of an index to the actual atlas. Thus, reduced to its bare bones, this is not as informative as it could be; I'll probably redraw it once all the surrounding areas are put online. In case you're wondering, the mapped towns are in eastern Hungary. One of the puzzling things to me is why Ptolemy felt this area deserved a separate chapter: that in itself is information of sorts, I guess. Stay tuned.

The region of Iazyges Metanastae is terminated on the north by the indicated boundary line of European Sarmatia beginning near the southern part of the Sarmatian mountains and extending to the Carpathian mountains; on the west by the indicated part of Germania which extends from the Sarmatian mountains to the Danube river near the Carpis bend, thence following that river to the mouth of the Tibiscus river, which, flowing from the north, empties into it.

The position of its mouth is 46*00 44°15

On the east it is terminated by Dacia along that river Tibiscus which rises in the Carpathian mountains.

The location of these mountains is 46*00 48°30

The towns in this Iazyges Metanastae region are

Uscenum 43*15 48°20
Bormanum 43*40 48°15
Abieta 43*40 48°00
Trissum 44*10 47°45
Parca 43*30 47°40
Candanum 44*00 47°20
Pessium 44*40 47°00
Partiscum 45*00 46°40

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