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Book V, Chapter 3

Location of Lycia
(from the First Map of Asia)

Thayer's Note: Stevenson's "translation" of Ptolemy, to which this page belongs, is abysmally bad. It should not be used for any serious purpose. For details and correctives, see my Ptolemy homepage.

My notes on the Map:

No information has been added to Ptolemy's text as I have it, so there is almost no topographic information.

The courses of the rivers also remain unmapped: the line joining the sources and the mouth of the Xanthus is just that; while putting Xanthos on the Xanthus and Limyra on the Limyrus pass for daring conjectures around here.

For the W coast and boundary with Asia, see my note in Chapter 2.

For amateurs of trivia, though there be nary a reindeer in site, the port of Patara is the hometown of Santa Claus, who was bishop of Myra, also on this map, inland to the NE. (The area is still proud of its native son; a good page can be found here.)

Lycia is terminated on the west and the north by Asia along the boundary which we have mentioned above; on the east by a part of Pamphylia along the line leading from the terminus on the confines of Asia thru the Masicytus mountains,

as far as the sea in 61*50 36°30

on the south by the Lycian sea, of the coast of which the following is a description: after Cannus,

Calinda 59*20 35°55
Chlyda 59*40 35°55
Carya 59*50 35°55
Daedala 60*00 35°55
Telmissus 60*10 35°55
mouth of the Xanthus river 60*20 36°00
river sources 60*00 37°40
Patara 60*30 36°00
Antiphellus 60*30 36°20
Andriaca 61*00 36°20
Aperlae 61*00 36°25
mouth of the Limyrus river 61*10 36°25
Aperroe 61*20 36°20
Sacred promontory 61*30 36°15
Olympus town 61*40 36°20
Phaselis 61*50 36°25

Cragus mountains,

the location of the middle part of which is in 60*00 36°40

The inland towns in Lycia near the Cragus mountains are:

Cydna 59*30 37°10
Symbra 59*40 36°50
Octapolis 59*35 36°35
Comba 59*50 36°30
Sidyma 59*50 36°40
Pinara 59*50 36°25
Araxa 59*50 36°05
Tlos 60*15 36°30
Xanthos 60*15 36°10

and near the Masicytus mountains are the towns:

Corydalla 60*15 36°50
Sagalassos 60*40 36°55
Rhodia 61*00 36°45
Trebenda 61*10 37°15
Phellos 60*35 36°30
Myra 61*00 36°40
Limyra 61*05 36°35

In Mylias:

Podalia 60*00 37°30
Nysa 60*00 37°15
Choma 60*20 37°20
Candyba 60*40 37°10

In the Cabalia region:

Bubon 60*20 37°40
Oenoanda 61*00 37°40
Balbura 60*40 37°30

Islands adjacent to Lycia are:

Megiste island 60*40 35°45
Dolchiste island 61*15 35°45
Chelidonia, 5 cliffs 61*30 36°00

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