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West Point

Foreword and Acknowledgments


The Key to America

An Ideal in Stone

A System and a Purpose

Combat Training

Brawn for Battle

Cadet Life

West Point at War

Pathfinders of Progress

Spirit of West Point

Chronology of the United States Military Academy

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Technical Details


I followed the 1947 edition "published by Whittlesey House, A division of the McGraw-Hill Book Company, Inc." Printed in the United States, it may have been the only edition and printing.

It is now in the public domain pursuant to the 1978 revision of the U. S. Copyright Code, since the copyright was not renewed at the appropriate time, which would have been in 1974 or 1975. (Details here on the copyright law involved.)


This transcription has been minutely proofread. In the table of contents above, the sections are shown on blue backgrounds, indicating that I believe the text of them to be completely errorfree. As elsewhere onsite, the header bar at the top of each chapter's webpage will remind you with the same color scheme.

The printed book was remarkably well proofread, but still included a very few typographical errors. I marked the corrections, when important, with a bullet like this;º and when trivial, with a dotted underscore like this: as elsewhere on my site, glide your cursor over the bullet or the underscored words to read the variant. Similarly, bullets before measurements provide conversions to metric, e.g., 10 miles.

A small number of odd spellings, curious turns of phrase, etc. have been marked <!-- sic --> in the sourcecode, just to confirm that they were checked.

Any mistakes not marked, please drop me a line, of course: especially if you have a copy of the printed book in front of you.

Pagination and Local Links

For citation and indexing purposes, the pagination is shown in the right margin of the text at the page turns (like at the end of this line); p57  these are also local anchors. Sticklers for total accuracy will of course find the anchor at its exact place in the sourcecode.

In addition, I've inserted a number of other local anchors: whatever links might be required to accommodate the author's own cross-references, as well as a few others for my own purposes. If in turn you have a website and would like to target a link to some specific passage of the text, please let me know: I'll be glad to insert a local anchor there as well.

[image ALT: A painting of two men in 18c military uniform standing by a low wooden palisade defended by a small cannon. The man closer to the center of the picture points to a low fort on the plain below; the plain is bounded by the wide sweeping bend of a river with low mountains on either side. In the clouds above that fort, a ghostly formation of uniformed men, in the forefront of which a color guard carries the flag of the United States and another flag behind it. The scene depicts George Washington making an inspection of the upper forts above West Point, and a sort of vision of the future Corps of Cadets, and it is the icon used on this site to represent my subsite reproducing the book 'West Point' by John Crane and James F. Kieley.]

The icon I use to indicate this subsite is the painting reproduced facing p1 of the book, which is captioned there.

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