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 [decorative delimiter] Class of 1878

Vol. III

(Born Mas.)

Edgar W. Howe

(Ap'd Io.)


Military History. — Cadet at the Military Academy, Sep. 1, 1874, to June 13, 1878, when he was graduated and promoted in the Army to

Second Lieut., 17th Infantry, June 14, 1878.

Served: on frontier duty at Ft. Sisseton, Dak., Sep. 30, 1878, to Apr. 15, 1880, — and Ft. Yates, Dak., to Jan. 28, 1882; as Professor of Military Science and Tactics, Bowdoin College, Me., to July 15, 1882 (awaiting  p299 orders, to Aug. 15, 1882), and in the Maine State College of Agriculture and the Mechanic Arts, to July 1, 1885; on frontier duty at Ft. Custer,

(First Lieut., 17th Infantry, Jan. 30, 1885)

Mon., to July 10, 1886, — Ft. D. A. Russell, Wy., to Aug., 1886, — Ft. Fred Steele, Wy., to Nov. 16, 1886 (leave of absence, to Mar. 15, 1887), — and Ft. D. A. Russell, Wy., to Nov. 9, 1889; and under instruction at Engineer Torpedo School, Willet's Point, N. Y., Dec. 2, 1889, to –––––.

Vol. IV
[Supplement, Vol. IV: 1890‑1900]

Military History. — Served: Inspector of the State Camp, Augusta, Me., June and part of July, 1890. — At Willets Point, N. Y., to Oct., 1890. — On leave of absence, Oct., 1890 to Feb. 15, 1881. — Fort D. A. Russell, Wyo., to Aug. 12, 1894 (absent on duty at the Bellevue Rifle Range, as Camp Adjutant, July and Aug., 1892).

(Captain of Infantry, 17th Infantry, April 26, 1898)

— Professor of Military Science and Tactics, Franklin and Marshall College, Lancaster, Pa., Sept. 1, 1894 to April, 1899. A. C. S. at Mount Gretna, Pa., on mobilization of Pennsylvania National Guard to enter volunteer service, Spanish-American war, April 26 to July 23, 1898. — Chief Mustering Officer, State of Pennsylvania, for 18 companies of second call, June 23 to Aug. 1, 1898. — Mustering Officer to muster out Pennsylvania volunteers at Pittsburg, Pa., Sept. 9, 1899; on duty as such in Pennsylvania until Jan. 5, 1899; similar duty at Athens, Ga., until Feb. 11, 1899, and at Augusta, Ga., until June 1, 1899. — General recruiting service, Macon, Ga., to ––––

Vol. V
[Supplement, Vol. V: 1900‑1910]

Military History. — Unknown, no information having been received.

(Transferred to 22d Infantry, Aug. 13, 1902)

(Major, 27th Infantry, Feb. 10, 1903)

Vol. VI
[Supplement, Vol. VI: 1910‑1920]

(Edgar Wellington Howe, Born Jan. 28, 1854.)

Military History. —

At Macon, Ga., on general recruiting service, June 1 to Nov. 4, 1899; on leave of absence, Nov. 5 to Dec. 4, 1899; awaiting transportation and en route to Philippines to Feb. 7, 1900; joined regiment at Bautista, P. I., Feb. 10, 1900, and assumed command of Company at Rosales, Feb. 13, 1900; commanding post of Bayambang, June 1‑25, 1900; and post of Camaling at different periods to August, 1901; at Iligan, Mindanao, to Oct. 10, 1901; at Davao to Oct. 24, 1901; at Matti, Mindanao, to June 2, 1902, the company covering a territory of over 125 miles on the East Coast of Mindanao; en route to U. S. to July 22, 1902; at Fort Lawton, Wash., commanding Company, July 31 to

(Transferred to 22d Infantry, Aug. 13, 1902)

Aug. 24, 1902; joined regiment at Fort Crook, Neb., Aug. 27, 1902; marched to Fort Riley, Kans., and participated in maneuvers at that post to Oct. 9, 1902; on leave of absence to Jan. 6, 1903; at Fort Crook, Neb., commanding Company, to

(Major, 27th Infantry, Feb. 10, 1903)

March 11, 1903; en route to join regiment in Philippines, to May 28, 1903; on duty at Hdqrs. Department of Luzon, May 28 to June 10, 1903; commanding Malahi Military Prison and post, June to Oct. 10, 1903; at Cuartel Meisic, Manila, to November, 1903; commanding Cuartel de Infanteria to Jan. 1, 1904; en route to U. S. to Feb. 12, 1904; joined at Fort Sheridan, Ill., Feb. 24, 1904; inspecting Organized Militia of Illinois, March 14 to April 7, 1904; with regiment at Fort Sheridan to June 17, 1904; at Fort Thomas, Ky., commanding post, June 18, 1904, to July 31, 1905; at Fort Sheridan, Aug. 1, 1905; participated in maneuvers at Fort Benjamin Harrison, Ind., August and September, 1906; at Camp Columbia, Cuba, commanding 2nd Battalion, Oct. 12, 1906, to April 1, 1909; at Fort Sheridan, Ill., from April 7, 1909; inspecting National Guard of Illinois, March 10 to April 24, 1910; participated in maneuvers at Sparta, Wis., July and August, 1910; on leave of absence, Feb. 12 to

 p252  (Lieut.‑Colonel, 11th Infantry, Feb. 15, 1911)

March 20, 1911; at San Antonio, Texas, with regiment in Maneuver Division, March 21 to June 6, 1911.

Lieut.‑Colonel, U. S. A., Retired, June 6, 1911,
For Disability Contracted in Line of Duty.

Recalled to active duty; in New York City on Militia duty, July, 1916, to July, 1917, when he suffered a slight stroke of paralysis which compelled him to relinquish active service; at Ann Arbor, Mich., Professor of Military Science and Tactics at the University of Michigan, Dec. 15, 1917, to Jan. 3, 1918.

Vol. VII
[Supplement, Vol. VII: 1920‑1930]

Military History: —

Lieutenant-Colonel, U. S. A., Retired, June 6, 1911,
For Disability Contracted in Line of Duty.

Died, June 13, 1923, at New York, N. Y.: Aged 69.

Obituary in Annual Report, Association of Graduates, for 1925.

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