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This webpage reproduces a chapter of
West Point

Elizabeth D. J. Waugh

published by
The Macmillan Company,
New York, 1944

The text is in the public domain.

This page has been carefully proofread
and I believe it to be free of errors.
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Chapter 1
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 p. vii  Foreword

As Public Relations Officer of the United States Military Academy, it has been my privilege to work with Mrs. Waugh on the original manuscript of her book on West Point.

I feel that in writing this book Mrs. Waugh has made a fine contribution to our military literature, and to the war effort in general.

West Point belongs to the country. Every officer and soldier, whether graduate or nongraduate, has felt its influence in his military career and is, in that sense, as much a West Pointer in spirit as those who have had the privilege of attending this great institution, for it is the leaven that permeates the whole Army.

This work is, for the most part, the result not only of the author's careful research but also of her deep interest in the history of our country. Her presentation of West Point's contribution to America is unique. She has grasped the fine traditions and spirit of West Point, the Corps of Cadets, and the Army.

The appearance of this book in 1944 is most timely, for the tremendous demands of the great conflict in which we are now engaged are driving home, with increasing force, the realization that the only way to prevent wars is to be prepared for them.

I have just received the sad news that Mrs. Waugh died this morning. Even though she knew that death was approaching, she carried on, as all good soldiers do, to complete this final work for the service of her country.

 p. viii  She died with the first proofs before her, filled with the joy of accomplishment.

Meade Wildrick

Colonel, C.A.C.

West Point, New York
March 20, 1944

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 p. ix  Acknowledgments

Without the creative cooperation of West Point this book could not have been written.

Thanks are due especially to Major General Francis B. Wilby, Superintendent of the United States Military Academy, whose interest made this cooperation possible. Colonel Meade Wildrick, Public Relations Officer, by his most generous contributions of material, time, and advice has done much to mold the book. His help has been unfailing. Lieutenant Colonel W. J. Morton, Librarian, has read the original manuscript painstakingly, bringing to this task his own knowledge of West Point and the rare resources of the West Point Library, which included data from original sources not previously used or discovered.

Brigadier General George Honnen, Commandant of Cadets, and Colonel George F. Schlatter, Commandant of Stewart Field, have generously supplied material concerning the present-day training facilities of both the Ground and the Air Cadets at Camp Popolopen and Stewart Field, the "Wings of West Point."

Chaplain Walthour inspired the author with the spirit of West Point as it exists today and has offered advice on the portions of the manuscript which concern the aspirations of the Corps. The author's thanks are due also to Mr. Frederic C. Mayer, organist, for the privilege of hearing an organ recital in the chapel, and to Major Gordon S. Marvel, Assistant Area Engineer, for sharing his knowledge of the physical aspects of the West Point Reservation.

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