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This webpage reproduces part of
Annapolis: Its Colonial and Naval Story

Walter B. Norris

published by
Thomas Y. Crowell Company, 1925

The text is in the public domain.

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and I believe it to be free of errors.
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 p298  Appendix III

Superintendents of the United States Naval Academy
with Date of Beginning of Term

1845 Commander Franklin Buchanan
1847 Commander George P. Upshur
1850 Commander Cornelius K. Stribling
1853 Commander Louis M. Goldsborough
1857 Captain George S. Blake
1865 Rear Admiral David D. Porter
1869 Commodore John L. Worden
1874 Rear Admiral C. R. P. Rodgers
1878 Commodore Foxhall A. Parker
1879 Rear Admiral George B. Balch
1881 Rear Admiral C. R. P. Rodgers
1881 Captain Francis M. Ramsay
1886 Commander William T. Sampson
1890 Captain Robert L. Phythian
1894 Captain Philip H. Cooper
1898 Rear Admiral Frederick V. McNair
1900 Commander Richard Wainwright
1902 Captain Willard H. Brownson
1905 Rear Admiral James H. Sands
1907 Captain Charles J. Badger
1909 Captain John M. Bowyer
1911 Captain John H. Gibbons
 p299  1914 Captain William F. Fullam
1915 Captain Edward W. Eberle
1919 Captain Archibald H. Scales
1921 Rear Admiral Henry B. Wilson
1925 Rear Admiral Louis M. Nulton

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