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History of Minnesota

Histories and Source Documents

At some point I may have a general history of Minnesota onsite, although for the time being it seems unlikely. At any rate, right now, the following:

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[ 1/15/11: 44 pages of print presented in 4 webpages ]

Squirreled away in the American History Notes section of the site, a growing amount of Minnesota material will be making this page increasingly useful; for now, just 4 items, listed here in roughly chronological order of their subjects:

With Laperrière to Minnesota in 1727

Early French Forts and Footprints of the Valley of the Upper Mississippi

The Movement of American Settlers into Wisconsin and Minnesota

Removal of the Sioux Indians from Minnesota

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The icon I use to indicate this subsite is the flag of the State of Minnesota; actually, some of the field removed, the better to focus on the central seal.

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