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This webpage reproduces a section of
The Journal

John Sevier

published in Vols. V and VI
of the Tennessee Historical Magazine,

The text is in the public domain.

This page has been carefully proofread
and I believe it to be free of errors.
If you find a mistake though, please let me know!


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John Sevier's Journal

Vol. V
January 1795.

Thurs. 1 Janry 1795. Rained. Self wife Catery​52 Rutha Chatty & Betsy dined at Mr. Weirs. Friday 2 Mr. King came here George Gillaspy​53 came here. I wt. with him to Cap. Browns to take in the list of taxes. Sat. 3 Dry weather.

Sun. 4 dry. Mon. 5th wt. to Jonesbo to meet the commissrs for the town. Rained in the night. Tues. 6th rained. Wed. 7 ditto. Thur. 8 wt. to Colo. Carters rained. Fry. 9 rained. returned to Jonesbo. Sat. 10 came home very cold.

Sun. 11 snowed at night, Jos. Sevier Retd from Knoxville with letter from G. Blount. Mon. 12 day Fair & cold killed some fatted Hoggs. Tues. 13th snowed in the night. Wed. 14 warm & thawing. Thur. 15 rained. wt. to Greene with col. Robertson. Fry. 16 rained & snowed. Sat. 17 clear came home from Greene.

Sun. 18 clear & cold Mon. 19 Fair & pleasant. Tues. 20 Fair & pleasant. Mr. Keeler Brought Home the Hoggs I Bought from him. Wed. 21 rained & cloudy. Th. 22 cloudy & cold. Fry. 23 rained lightly Mrs. Sevier Ruthy & betsy went to Jonesbo. Sat 24 cloudy & some rain.

Sun. 25 Some rain & snow. Mon. 26 cloudy Washington & John Fickee carried horses to Jonesbo That run away from Sevier & Ruthy — Col. Carter came home with them. Tues. 27 set out myself. Washington & Col. Carter, Lodged at Greene all night. Wed. 28 we all Lodged at Col. Carters. Thur. 29 it rained We all Lodged at Jesse Reeves. Fry. 30 we all lodged at Mr. Perkins. Sat. 31 wt. to Knoxville (cold)

February 1795.

Sun. 1 Feby. Fine day. Mon. 2 fine day. Tues 3 ditto. Wed. 4 ditto. Thur. 5 ditto. Fry. 6 rain. Sat. 7 Rained set out in evening self Col. Carter & Washington. from Knoxville lodged that night at McBee's Ferry.

Sun. 8th we lodged at Col. Cakes (?). Mon. 9 we lodged at Greenville. Very cold. Tues. 10 lodged at Greene. Wed. 11 ditto Thur. 12 ditto. Fry. 13 dittor.º Sat. 14 we came home very cold.

Sun. 15 cloudy & cold. Mon. 16 wt. to Court to Jonesbo. Tuesday 17 very cold & snowed. Wed. 18 cold. Thur. 19 Mr. King & Nancy married.​54 Maj. & Jimmy Weirs family here Mr. Harrill Mr. Waddle, Mr. Claiborne Mr. Weirs family was here. Cousin Jack & Mr. Doake. Fry. 20 clear weather. Sat. 21 self & Mr. King wt. to Jonesbo and came home that night.

Sun 22 wt. with John Sherrill & wife to Woods foard. Mon. 23 rained. col. Conway & James Sevier​55 came here cloudy snowed &  p175 rained in the night. Tues. 24 snowed in the morning. Wed. 25 cloudy. Thur. 26 cold Rebecca Sevier​56 & John Waddle married. Fry. 27 cold. Sat. 28 very cold came home from Rebecca weding.

March 1795.

Sun. 1st March 1795 Mon. 2 wt. to Jonesbo cold. Tues 3 self & son John went to Mr. Kings works (warm). Wed. 4 warm Mr. King & myself came home. Thur. 5 warm. Fry. 6 warm. Sat 7 high winds & rain.

Sun. 8 Fair & pleasant. Mon. 9 warm snowed at night. Tues 10 snowed in the morning. Bought of Mr. Paine 150 B. corn at 2. Paid him £7 Wed. 11 clear & cold. Thur cold snowed at night. Fry. 13 cold. Jno. Fickee 1 pr overals 12. Sat. 14 very cold.

Sun. 15 pleasant. Old Frank returned. snowed in the night. Mr. Sherrill &Wm.º Dined here. Mon. 16 Genl. Muster Washington Fickee & Richmond wt. rained & snowed. Tues. 17 went to court Wed. 18 pleasant. Tues. 19 Cox had his tryal Fry. 20 pleasant. wife & Girl came to town in carriage. Sat 21 pleasant.

Sun. 22 Ditto. Mon. 23 Pleasant & Fair Tues. 24 ditto

Wed. 25 ditto. Thur. 26 ditto. Fry. 27 came home from Court. Sat 28 Judge Campble​57 his lady & Mr. Claiborne​58 & Doctor Reed came her, tarried till Monday morning. Sun. 29 Judge Campble & lady Mr. Claiborne & Doctor reed came here. Mon. 30 pleasant self & Claiborne went to court. Tues. 31 pleasant.

April 1795.

Wed. 1st day April came home from Court. Thur 2 pleasant & warm. Fri. 3 ditto. Sat. 4 ditto.

Sunday 5 ditto John Richmond 1 soldiers shirt. Mon. 6 ditto planted potatoes. Tues. 7 Rained & warm began to plant corn this day. Sylva delivered of a Female child. Memo. pd. John Keele 3 Dollars Do. to John Silburne 2 Doll. Do to Chairmaker 3 Doll 18‑8. Wednes. 8 planted corn, frost. Thur. 9th went to Jonesbo Frost that night. Fryd. 10th returned from Jonesbo Let Wed. King have £6. 4. for the use of the iron works​59 received from Major Sevier 30. Sat. 11 Fair & cool w. King & wife went to the Iron works.

Sun. 12 Rained Mrs. Sherrill & son William dined here. Mon. 13 Fair & pleasant. Tues. 14 ditto. Let John Lellburne have 6‑8. Wed. 15 ditto. Thur. 16 Rained that night. Fry. 17 cool. Sat 18  p176 Frost at night Recd. a horse from Tom Greene (a bay at about £20 price)

Sun. 20​a Wintry & cool Mr. Sherrill & son Wm. dined here. Mon. 21 dry weather. Tues. 22 ditto. Wed. 23 ditto. Thur. 24 ditto Fry. 25 cloudy. Sat. 26 warm & dry.

Sun 27 light shower self Wm. Sevier & Catsey went to Mr. Doakes​60 meeting. Mon. 28 dry weather. Tues. 29 ditto. Frost that night. Wed. 30 ditto.

May 1795.

Thurs 1st day of May dry & Hot. Fry. 2 went to Jonesbo staid all night. Sat 3 wt. to Greene staid all night.

Sun. 4 came home with Maj. Sevier. brought from the store 20 lbs. tree suger. Mon. 5 Mrs. Sevier Rutha Nancy & Mr. King wt. to Jos. Seviers. Began to plant our New Ground Corn. Tues 6 of May 1795 very warm Mr. King went to Iron works. Wed. 7 very warm & dry. Thur. 8 ditto. Fry. 9 ditto began to weed corn. Sat. 10 rained a fine shower. Memo. Recd from Joseph Hanna​61 600 feet of poplar plank, 280 ditto of pine, 108 laths, 12 feet long each, 22 Rafters, 14 feet long each. Memo. Recd. from Mr. Bains plantation 100 feet of plank.

Sun. 11 Rained. Mon. 12 Rained. Tues. 13 Fair. Wed. 14 Rained in Evening. Mrs. Sevier Catery & Sammy went to Doctor Holts. the Doctor sent for Sammy​62 half a viol of castor oil & a small viol of drops. Memo. gave to old N. Frank a pair of overalls. Thur 15 went to Greene court. Recd a horse of Wm. Wilson price £30. Fry. 16th Rained. Sat. 17 returned from Greene.

Sun. 18 dry & hott. Mon. 19 ditto. Tues. 20 ditto. Wed.21 went to Jonesbo court. Thur. 22 rained. Fry. 23 warm & wet in the morning. Sat. 24 came home from Jonesbo. Bought from Mr. keel 24 Hoggs 1 sow 11 year olds marked with Crop in right Ear a hole & nick in under part of the left year.º 12 piggs unmarked all of which is since marked with my own mark. One of the sows has since 6 piggs. Memo. lent unto Said (?) Gayer a Land warrant no. 2728 for 200 acres in name of Jos. Sevier located at No. of Little lick Creek the warrant returned

Sunday 24 warm. Monday 25 ditto. Tues. 26 ditto. Mr. Carson sent horse to pasture is to work corn two times dry. Wed. 27 ditto & dry. Mr. Weir & wife returned from river. Thur. 28 fine rain Mr. Lilburn (?) hauled (?) of plank from Embres paid him 1 dollar Fair. Memo. paid Tho. Embree John Fickee 4. paid Mr. Sherrills Jane 4 for Do. sent to Shoemaker Mr. Messer by John Fickee 3 dollars 18. John Richmond 1 pr shoes, made by Messer. John Fickee 3 pr. shoes made by Messer. Fry. 29 warm & dry. Sat. 30 do. Sun. 31 do.

June Mon 1 Dry. Tues 2 do. Wed. 3 went to Iron Works. Th. 4 small shower, C. L. B. Fry. 5 Do. See. Do. Sat. 6 Do. See Do.

 p177  Jouneº 1795

Sun. 7 staid at M. Seviers. Mon. 8 came home from Works Tues. 9 very warm. Wed 10 small shower. Mrs. Sevier & Kitty went to Jonebo. Thur 11 Fine rain & rained all night began to lay by corn. Fry. 12 Shower in morng. Mrs. Sevier & Kitty went to meeting a very High flood in the river Rained in afternoon. Sat 13 Mrs. Sevier Rutha & Sammy went to meeting, rained in the morn. Memo. when at the Iron Works let Mr. King have 2 dollars 16.

Sun. 14 rained. Myself, wife, Rutha & Catery & Joanna went to meeting the sacrament was administered by the Rev. Doake, Balshº & Hueston.º63 Mon. 15 self Catery Rutha & Mrs. Sevier went to meeting Dined at D. Holts (rained). Tues. 16 rained. Mrs. Sevier & Catery went to Mr. Sherrills. Recd from Jos. Hannah 720.10 lbs at 22‑6 per M. 260.8 ditto at 15 per M. 130 Feet pine plank some time ago. Wed. 17 Hot & Dry. Thur. 18 ditto. Fry. 19 went to Jonesbo. rained in evening. Sat 20 staid at Jonesbo. Sun. 21 Sotº off for Col. Carters & met him near home seting out for Assembly Staid all night at Maj. Loviers with Col. Carter. Mon. 22 came home Reaped wheat Rained in the night Frank run away. Tues 23 Rained went to Jos. Seviers Rained all night Recd from Jos. Sevier 22¾ dollars. Wed. 24 Rained (planted cabbage) Thur. 25 rained Fry. 26 cleared up & cool set out for the Assembly Lodged at Greene Memo. to bring for Betsy a pr of shoes 7 Inches long. Sat 27 sit out in the morning in company with Col. Hardin (rained) Eat dinner & fed at Parks Recd from H. Conway Junr 2 Guineas & 1 dollar Lodged at Evans Painter Spring.

Sunday 28 Brak. at Mr. Reeses Dined at Mr. Meeks Arrived in Knoxville & Lodged at Mr. Stones. Mon. 29 Assembly met.​64 Tues. 30 L. Council agreed to conference Representatives did the same. Memo. 219 P. below Little River in the county desired to be laid off amt of Taxes in same, 148 dollars 84 cents.

July 1795.

Wed. 1 July both houses met both Houses unanimous for change of Government except Tho. Tardiman of Davidson county Dined at Judge Campbles. Thur 2 Nothing extraordinary. Fry. 3 nothing extra.

Sun. July 5 Nothing Extrao. Mon. 6 hott & Dry weather. Tues. 7 ditto. Col. Tho. Blount arrives in Knoxville. Wed. 8 a bill for (?) of (?) Rejected in Council. Thur. 9 nothing E. Fry. 10 N. E. Sat. 13 Assembly adj sine die.

Sunday 14 N. E. Mon. 15 N. E. Tues. 10 N. E. Won at whist65  p178 from S. Milche (?) & Somerville (?) Dollars. Wed. 15 N. E. Won of Mitchell & Duncan 213 dollars. Thur. 16 N. E. Fry. 17 very Hott. Dine at Governs. Sat. 18 dined at Gov. Blounts.

Sun. 19 set out for home from Knoxv. in company with Governor, Willie​66 & Tho. Blount, Mark & Sam Mitchell, dined at Jas. Kings Lodged at Brasiltons paid 4‑6. pd. Mr. Stone his bill £7.1.6. Mon. 20 Dined & Fed at Mrs. Smith paid 7‑6. Lodged at Colo. Roddies. Tues. 21 Brakfirsted at Greenville came home at sunset. Mr. Sherrill Raised his house​67 this day. Wed. 22 went to Jos. Seviers house Raising in Company with Mrs. Sevier & Betsy. Thurs. 23 Small shower of rain Sowed some Cellery & Radishes. Mr. Sherrill dined here. Memo. Saml. Mitchell​68 is indebted 15 dollars being part of the money won from Mr. Crawford C. by 15 dols. sent pr. Brother Joseph. Fry. 24 rained. Sat 25 Set off to Col. Carters. Staid at Col. all night.

Sund 26 Stayed at my Fathers; rained, Monday 27. Returned to Col. Carters. rained. Tues. 28 staid all night at Mr. Greer. rained. Wed. 29 Retd. to Col. Carter staid all night rained. Thur. 30. Rained Came to Jonesbo with Colo. Carter.​69 Fry. 31 staid at Jonesbo in company with Colo. Carter.

August 1795.

Sat. 1st. came home in company with Walter King & George Gordon.

Sun. 2 went to hear a sermon preached by Mr. Cobler at James Seviers. Mon. 3rd. Sent 150 land warrants​70 640 acres each By Geo. Gordon to No. Carolina to Get Titles for the same, to be laid on Each Side of Cumberland near the mouth of Obias​71 River (supplied  p179 100 dols. to Walter King for use of the working)º Tues. 4 Rained self & Mrs. Sevier Dined at Mrs. Sherrills. Bt. 60 1s. Bacon from Mr. Mathews. Wed 5. Bought of John Green 2 Cows & 10 Geese at 20 dollars. Willie Blount came here. Thurs. 6 Settled with Willie Blount for Major Scorers, notes given to David Allison in November 6, amounting to 6,594 dols. 78 Cents & 584 dolls. & 50 Cents. the interest due thereon, which notes I have paid unto Mr. Willie Blount in Land Warrants to the amount of twenty Eight thousand Eight hundred acres at 250 dollars per thousand, which has Over paid the same 23 dollars. Maj. Willie Blount then set out for Jonesbo in the evening accompanied by myself as far as Mr. Slygars.º Fry. 7 cloudy in morning. Yesterday I sent unto John Hunter 5 dollars pr J. Richmond. self Mrs. Sevier Catery & Ruthy Dined at Mr. Sherrills. Sat 8 rained in afternoon. Memo. on 6th. I put into the hands of Walter King a 300 acre & 640 acre warrant to be laid on lands in Sullivan Opposite the Iron Works on No. side holsen (Holston) also. a 200 acre & 64 acre warrants to be laid on vacant land adjoining the lands on Kendricks Creek.

Sun. 9 rained. Monday 10 went to Greenes Court. Tues. 11 went to Mr. Bennetts staid at night. Wed. 12 rained. Thur. 13 ditto Fry. 14 rained. Sat 15 set out for home Dined at Mr. Aitkens. Came home in evening.

Sun. 16 Staid at home. Mon. 17 ditto. Began to pull blades​72 Mr. Stygarº came to my house. Tues. 18 went to Washington Court. Wed. 19 nothing Extra. Mr. Barlaben came to my house. Thur 20 rained. Fry. 21 dry. See Mrs. A. B. at night. Sat. 22 played at ball​73 self & son John vs. Messrs. Aitken & Anderson beat them four Games. Paid Mr. Carson schoolmaster 12. 2 dollars, came home eveng. Memo. put in the hands of Geo. Gordon 640 Land Warrants to be his if he brings me a patent for 96 thousand acres of land from Secy. of No. Carolina.

Sun. 23 nothing Extra. Mon. 24 began to pull blades in the New Ground. Tues. 25. Fair a cow died. Sent n. Corn to mill. Wed. 26 rained. Fry. self, Washington, Bardelebin & p. Steiger went to W. Kings. Stayed there until Sunday Sundayº & returned. Sat. 29th I see S. B.

Sun. 30 came home R. Campble came here from Wains​74 Army. Mon. 31 Rained began to sew wheat.

September 1795.

Tues. 1 September. Bardelebin sit for South Carolina (rained). Wed. 2 Thurs. 3 Memo. paid unto Colo. Christians Estate to this date 112 D. 16 C. Fry. 4 self Mrs. Sevier & &Betsyº went to Jonesbo staid all night at Mr. Waddells. Sat. 5 Brak. at Maj. Seviers. Dined at Mr. Cashties (?) & Returned home in Comp. with R. Campble.

Sun. 6 Rained. John Fickee Cr. by Jno. Greene 2 dollars. Some time ago. Memo. Geo. Gordon receited to Wal. King for 96000 acres  p180 of Land Warrants, which I furnished to W. K. which Gordon is to bring me titles for. More than. 7 Rained Tues. 8 fair A. Readerson Drowned in Nolcuhookyº River.​75 Wed. 9 Ditto Sett off to Greene self & W. King staid all night at W. Gillaspies Thur. 10 arrived at Greenveill in the morng. began to take an Inventory of the Goods Fry. 11 finished taking the Inventory of the Goods amount to £700 & odd pounds. Sat 12 we returned home & was caught in a heavy rain. John Richmond cash 3 dollars 18.

Sun. 13 Fair. Mon. 14 went to Jonesbo to G. Muster.​76 Staid there till Sunday. Tues. 15 court began being the 15th, nothing Extraordy. Wed. 16. Thur. 17. Fry. 18. Sat. 19. Sun. 20 nothing Extraordinary. Mon. 21 went to Jonesbo Frost at night. Tues. 22 Frost. Wed. 23 Lodged at Bakers W Moth. Thur. 24 Fry. 25 Rained heavily in evening. Sat. 26 rained all day. caused great flood in New River & other places in Virginia.

Sunday 27 came home in Comp. with Mr. Claiborne, Mr. King & wife went to Washington Colledge to the Exhibition J. Anderson Trimble​77 — Sam Sevier 3 best speakers. Tues. 29 Mr. Claiborne set out for N. Fork Hasket came to work. Wed. 30 W. King & wife set out for Home.

October 1795.

Thurs. 1st nothing extra. Fry. 2 went to Board Vendue Bought 3 sheep 13 geese & 12 ducks. Sat. 3 nothing Extra.

Sun. 4 cloudy Memo. sent to Tho. Brown by Washington Sevier 5 dollars some time ago. Memo. paid Mrs. Handly 2 dollars for 6 geese pd. Al. Moore for 2 C. & 12 ducks & An. Beard. for 13 & 12 ducks Mon. 5 Tues. 6 went to Jonesbo with R. Campble who set off to Virginia. Wed. 7 Thur. 8 Fry. 9. began to haul corn shut up the hogs got from Keele. Sat. 10 cloudy.

Sun. 11th clear. Mon. 12 ditto. Tues. 13 ditto. Wed. 14 clear.  p181 Thur. 15 went to Jonesbo (clear) Fry. 16 came home from Jonesbo. Sat. 17 hard frost at night.

Sun. 18 Cool light Frost. Memo. Deberlabins horse & negro brought & left here. Mon. 19 pleasant. Mr. Messer the shoemaker brought forward his account up to this date amounting to £5.3 out of which had before received 5 dollars, & at this time 4 more dollars. Tues. 20 fair & pleasant. Wed. 21 raised the corn house. Thurs. 22 Mr. Stengar set out from So. Carolina.​78 Fry. 23 rained. Sat. 24 Hard Frost.

Sun. 25 Fine day hard Frost that night. Mon. 26 Jno. Keele came to cover the corn house. Self Mrs. Sevier & Betsy went to Jonesbo. Washington bro. home 3 bushels of salt from Mrs. Matthews​79 — Tues. 27 staid in Jonesbo. Wed. 28 came home Thurs. 29 Genl. Kennedy Dined here. Fry. 30 John Fickee pr. stockings from Mr. Mays store 6‑6. Memo. Settled with Joseph Hanna & there is due to him 3 dollars & I am yet to Receive from him 70 Joint shingles & some blocks 250 Feet pine planks 1 Inch thick 200 feet ¾ Inch poplar Ditto. Sat. 31 clear & pleasant.

November 1795.

Sun. 1 Do. Mon. 2 Do. Tues. 3 Do. Wed. 4 Do. Thur. 5 Do. Fry. 6 rained. Sat. 7 Do cloudy.

Sund. 8th clear. Mon. 9 Ditto, John Richmond cash 6 Dollars. Tues. 10 Do. Went to Gollehen (?) Vendue Mrs. & Mr. Cowan came home with me staid all night & set out in the morning for the Secys office — I furnished Mr. Gordon with Land Warrants to the amt. of 40000 acres & lent him cash 10 Dollars. Alex. McKee to Cash lent 3 Dollars John Fickee 4 yds Foistos (?) out of Harrisons store 3‑6 pyd. 5 yds. Rusha sheeting from Deadricks at 4‑6 pr. yd. Wed. 11 Digging potatoes began yesterday. cloudy. Thur. 12 recd. from Wm. Collier 2 Gallons honey at 5 pr. Gallon. 4 Gble Beeswax at 1‑3 pr. (?) pd. to him 3 Dollars 18. Fry. 13th warm & pleasant Sat. 14 self Rutha Mary Ann Saml Joanna & Betsy & negroes wt. to J. Seviers husking of Corn. Rained at night. Mr. Claiborne came here.

Sun. 15 rained at night. Mr. Ward staid all night. Mon. 16 court began the Jonesbo. Tues. 17th went to Court. Wed. 18 Staid at Court. Th. 19 ditto. Fry. 20 ditto. Won of Gerum 5 pr Stockgs. Sat. 21 came home in evening.

Sun. 22 Find day. Mon. 23 Jos. Allen, the Mason came to work on kitchen chimney. Tues. 24 began to haul stones. Wed. 25 Lilbarns waggon came to. Thurs. 26 Lilbarns waggon worked. Fry. 27 Lilbarns went home. Self Mrs. Sevier Ruthy & Betsy went to Mr. Aitkins worked 2 days in all rained. Quilla Sherrill was here to brakft. Memo. Solomon Horket (?) cash 4 dols. his work amounts  p182 to £20. Sat. 28 Returned from Mr. Aitkins Dr. Holts son Wm. fell off from horse Tho. Talbett his wife Mrs. Johnson & Polly Greer Lodged all night. Capt. James Ward in Meyon (?) county near to Washington town (2) Memo. to cure the Scratches. an equal Quantity of Wine, oil & Lime, made into a poletice & left on 24 hours at a time.

Road to Charleston.

To Iron Mountain

20 miles

Turky Cove

40 miles

Lincoln Ch.

50 miles

York Ch.

40 miles


50 miles

Col. Thompson

60 miles

Ustane (?) Spring

35 miles


60 miles

355º miles

Memo. Kitt Bullard has in possession Rachel old Wench, Arthur Aggy children, Wm. Gest Lear, Wt. Reed Mary, John Bullard Violet, Austin in possesso. of Kitt Bullard for his sister Sally. (Hulday a girl dead) Widoneº Bullard has Ned.

Sun. 29 pleasant Self Mrs. Sevier Mary An & Rutha accompanied Mr. Talbot &c as far as Mr. Holts. Mon. 30 pleasant day.

December 1795.

Tues. 1st of Decem. Very warm. Wed. 2 some cooler Thur. 3 fine day Fri. 4th paid to Allen Gillaspie for John Ficker 10 dollars. £3. Sat 5 fair & pleasant. Richard Campble returned from Virginia.

Sun. 6 cold & clear in the day at Stormy & began to rain towards day, sent Jim to Jonesbo for R. Campbles negroes. Mon. 7 remarkable high winds with some rain. Josiah Allen began the kitchen Cellar. Tues. 8 more moderate. Wed. 9 Mr. Debardelabins family arrived, & took their Horse & negro boy away & Got 2 bushels of corn & half bushel of meal. Mrs. Davis wife of Nathanl. Davis died & is to be buried on the 11th inst. Self & Mrs. Sevier (?) Dined at Mr. Sherrills. Thurs. 10 I went to Jas. Seviers to Hunt turkys. R. Campble Rutha & Washgn. went to Jonesbo. Fry. 11 cold morng & hard Frost. James Anderson came here in the evening & tarried at night. Sat. 13 windy Washington R. Campble & Js. Anderson went to Jonesbo & Returned in the evening & tarried all night. Rained in evening & all night.

Sun. 13 cloudy in morng. Mon. 14 Some snow in morng. began to kill Hoggs. Tues. 15 cold, Killed Hoggs 16 in the 2 days. John Fickee to 1 pr. stockgs got in Harrisons store price 16. Finished walling & plastering the Cellar of the Kitchen. Wm. 200 ls. Flour of Wm. Clarke at 12 pr. ct. Wed. 16 James laid the kitchen flour Mrs. Sevier & R. Campble wt. to Jonesbo. Thurs. 17 I killed a large turkey cocke. cloudy. Fry. 18 went to the Election. Sat. 19 tarried at Jonesbo Let John Keele have 2 dollars.

Sun. 20 came home Mon. 21 Pleasant weather. Mr. Collier sent 5 Fine Fish by his son. Tues. 22. Ditto. Wed. 23 Windy. Thur. 24  p183 very warm. R. Campble & Kitty Sevier​80 married by Mr. Doake. Maj. Sevier his lady Mrs. Waddle Mr. Harrill Mr. Gordon Mr. J. A. Anderson Mr. McKee & his lady Miss Peggy Mr. Sherrill Mr. & Mrs. Weir James Sevier & lady, Mrs. William Clarke Benj. Brown & wife Josiah Allen John Fickee at the wedding. Fry. 25 Christmas. Most of the gest staid Brakefirst & went home. High wind in the night. Sat. 26 very warm Mr. Sherrill came to Brak. I went to Mr. Debardelebins & Dined. High winds in the night & Rained. Doctor Chester came in evening & tarried all night & lanced a little negro girls imposthumes (?) called Sarah Mr. R. Campble his wife & Mary Ann went to Mr. Doakes meeting.

Sun. 27 Warm & pleasant. Mon. 28 cooler & frost that night Tues. 29 Myself Mrs. Sevier Betsy Mr. & Mrs. Cmpble set out for the Iron Works, arrived there that night & staid till fryday & came to Jonesbo & tarried all night. Next day came home. Rained in the evening. Wed. 30 rained. Thur. 31 Fair & Warm.

The Editor's Notes:

52 Probably his daughter, Katherine, who was then very young. She married first Archibald Rhea, then Mr. Campbell. "Betsy," Elizabeth Sevier, N. Ante.

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53 The George Gillespie mentioned lived near the Sevier farm. Of this family came the Jonesboro Gillespies, James of which served in the C. S. A, and also Col. Hal. Gillespie, a dashing Confederate colonel of cavalry, who married Miss Cocke, of Knoxville, now living at Nashville. D.

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54 Nancy Sevier, the fifth daughter. She married Walter King, February 19, 1795. King operated some ironworks near the Sevier house.

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55 James Sevier, the second child, 1764‑1847. He lived on his farm near that of his father, and was clerk of the court of Washington County for forty-seven years. (Heiskell, p201).

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56 Rebecca Sevier, the fourth daughter, married John Waddle, February 26, 1795. The Waddles lived at Broyles Ford, some eight or ten miles down Nola Chuckee from the Sevier farm. While Waddle is the correct spelling, it is now mostly written Waddell and the accent laid on the last syllable. D.

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57 David Campbell, one of the territorial judges appointed by President Washington. He was a judge of the superior court, 1797‑1809.

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58 Probably Hon. W. C. C. Claiborne, who was then practicing law in what is now upper East Tennessee. Born in Sussex County, Virginia, 1775, died in New Orleans, 1817; member of Constitutional Convention of 1796; judge of the Superior Court of Law and Equity; member of Congress, 1797‑1801; Governor of Mississippi Territory, 1803; Governor of Louisiana Territory, 1804, until its admission as a state, then was governor of the state of Louisiana; elected U. S. Senator, but died before he could take his seat.

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59 Iron works mentioned is either Blair's Furnace at Embreeville, in Greasy Cove, or Bumpass Cove Furnace. D.

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60 Rev. Samuel Doak, D.D., President of Washington College and pastor of Old Salem church, a stone's throw from the college building. At date of this diary it was Washington College, founded by Doak in 1778 as Martin Academy. D.

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61 The Hannahs were prominent people living between Washington College and Sevier's farm. One of the family was captain in the Nineteenth Tennessee, C. S. A., and became colonel of another regiment. He was father of Col. Harvey Hannah of the Public Utilities Commission. D.

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62 Samuel Sevier, the seventh son. He became a physician, lived in Overton County and later at Russellville, Alabama.

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63 "Doak, Balchº and Houston,"º all were prominent Presbyterian clergymen of the day, and all are yet represented by descendants in Tennessee. Rev. Houston was very prominent in the early politics of Tennessee, a profound political scholar. D.

"Rev. Houston" took an active part in organizing the last state of Franklin, was the author of a proposed constitution for the state, under the provisions of which it was said there were few persons but preachers who could have qualified as state or county officials. See Haywood and later histories of Tennessee. A.

Rev. Hezekiah Balch founded Greeneville College in 1794, and was its first president; Tusculum College was begun as Tusculum Academy in 1818 by Samuel Doak.

Thayer's Note: A photograph taken in 2005 of the tombstone of the Rev. Hezekiah Balch, 1748‑1810, may be found at Jonesborough and Greeneville Tennessee Cemeteries.

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64 This was an extra session of the territorial legislature which met June 29, 1795. Upon nomination of this body, President Washington commissioned John Sevier, Griffith Rutherford, James Winchester, Stockly Donelson and Parmenas Taylor as the Council.

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65 'Tis gratifying to know that the noble game of whist had not yet given way for the vulgar game of poker. D.

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66 Willie Blount, half brother of Gov. Wm. Blount, was governor of Tennessee, 1809‑1815. His later home was in Montgomery County. Thomas Blount, brother of Gov. Wm. Blount, was an officer in the Revolutionary Army and was afterwards a member of Congress from the Edgecomb District (N. C.) until his death in 1812. (Heiskell, p82.)

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67 Gov. Sevier attends house-raisings on two successive days. House-raisings, corn-shuckings, and log-rollings were altruistic neighborly festive occasions. Closely related were quiltings and "apple-butter bilin's." D.

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68 Mark and Sam Mitchell lived at Brownsboro, a few miles below the Sevier farm. They were close kin to the Miss Mitchell who married the father of Rev. Samuel Doak and also kin to Hon. John Mitchell, the "Irish Patriot," a very eloquent Irish exile, who canvassed Tennessee as a democrat, 1856 to 1860, edited a democratic paper at Knoxville, served in C. S. A., went back to Ireland and was elected to parliament, refused his seat, re-elected and died. A son was born in Richmond, Va., during the Civil war, whose son, Jno. Purroy Mitchell was Mayor of New York until 1918. In 1850 Sam and Gum Mitchell, bachelors, were living at Brownsboro, managing the farm and the mill. D.

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69 Col. John Carter, famous in the history of the Watauga settlement. He was chairman of the convention which drew up and signed the Watauga articles of government, "the first written constitution adopted by the consent of a free and independent people of America." (Garrett and Goodpasture's History of Tennessee.)º He was the first colonel of the militia of Washington County. He lived about half a mile north of "Watauga Old Fields," now Elizabethton, in Carter County. Landon Carter was at this time (1795) entry taker for the district.

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70 This recital of land warrants recalls the celebrated controversy which was instigated by Sevier's enemies in 1802 when Governor Roane cast the deciding vote between Sevier and Andrew Jackson in favor of Jackson for the position of Major-General of Tennessee militia. It became the principal issue later in that year when Sevier ran successfully against Roane for the governor­ship. (See Garrett and Goodpasture's History, p143; also the case of Polk vs. Windle, 2 Tenn., 118, 433.)

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71 Obey River. It rises in Fentress County, flows northwestwardly through Fentress and Overton and empties into Cumberland River in the central part of Clay County. The 57,000 acres which were owned by Sevier and later owned and occupied by his widow and children, were probably a part of the lands described in the grants mentioned. These grants were dated August 28, 1795.

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72 "Began to pull blades." This is August and that is a quaint way of saying they were "pulling fodder" — get green corn blades to dry for feed. D.

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73 "Played at ball." Sevier and son beat their antagonists four games. There were not enough for town-ball, nor for baseball, evolved from town-ball, and not yet evolved. There were not enough for bullpen. The game was probably cat-ball. D.

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74 General Anthony Wayne, who had routed the Indians in Ohio.

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75 This river, from where it ceases to be Toe River in North Carolina, down to Cocke County, Tennessee, with its succession of falls, rapids and dangerous fords, and with its rapid "freshets," probably has the record among American rivers for drownings of unwary travelers. D.

One of the most dangerous of these fords was "Red Bank" in what is now Unicoi County (but Washington before Unicoi was established), even during my time and knowledge of it persons were drowned in that ford constantly. There is now a bridge near where the "Red Bank" was. A.

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76 August 11, 1795. "Went to G. muster." Doubtless "grand muter" is meant. From 1850 to 1860 musters were called "big muster," or "battalion muster," and "pettit muster." As training for war they were, doubtless, useful in Sevier's day when they were for definite war ends in sight. Later they were merely holiday occasions, where "stud-horses" were shown, women showed their finery and men drank " 'simmon beer" (persimmon), honey-locust beer, apple-brandy and whiskey and everybody ate ginger-bread.

In 1862, perhaps the last muster was seen by a Confederate soldier who had been wounded at the battle of Shiloh. Bent on recruiting a company in his old county, dressed in full Confederate uniform, he was riding by McCalister's School House. Rising the long hill he saw in the woods that lined the road a federal flag flying and a big company drilling, his old college-mate, George Wilson, in command. The situation was perilous, although "bushwhacker" outrages had not yet begun. The Confederate soldier said, as cooly as he could, with cold chills running down his spine: "Good morning, George!" George replied: "How are you, Mel?" Nothing more was said and nothing was done. George was killed in the Federal service, reputed a gallant soldier. D.

Col. Doak says, "Everybody ate ginger-bread," and should have added, "and washed it down with apple cider." A.

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77 The Trimble mentioned was probably an ancestor of Hon. John Trimble, an able lawyer of Nashville, who married a sister of Gov. Neil S. Brown. The Trimbles were kin to the Jordans and Doaks of Washington County. D.

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78 Mention of South Carolina here and in many places. In those early days and down to 1861 relations, especially trade relations, were close between East Tennessee and South Carolina, intermarriages frequent. There were always many students from South Carolina at Washington College. Trade with Augusta and neighbor South Carolina marts was quite large. D.

Especially Charleston. A.

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79 Mention of Matthews. The reference is probably to a "Mathes" — a very large family. Perhaps as many as a dozen Mathes heads of families owned farms within a few miles of Washington College, leading members of Old Salem church — a very enterprising, energetic and progressive stock. D.

They were elders in Old Salem church continuously for 120 years. A.

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80 Marriage of Katherine Sevier (sixth daughter) to R. Campbell, the veteran of Wayne's Campaign, December 24, 1795. Her first husband was Archibald Rhea.

Thayer's Note:

a So the diary as printed. That Sunday, however, was the 19th of April. From here all the days of the week given in the diary, at least as printed, continue in error until "Sat. 24 [May]" = 23 May, after which the dates are once again correct.

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