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This webpage reproduces a section of
The Journal

John Sevier

published in Vols. V and VI
of the Tennessee Historical Magazine,

The text is in the public domain.

This page has been carefully proofread
and I believe it to be free of errors.
If you find a mistake though, please let me know!


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John Sevier's Journal

Vol. V
January 1796.

Fry. 1 day of Jany. 1796 a warm & pleasant day. Mrs. Thompson arrived at Jonesbo. Sat. 2 a fine day.

Sun. 3 Rained, Josiah Allen set out for home paid him off for his work by giving up his note of £6.19, that I got from J. Lacky Let him have 2 coats for which he is to wall in a Cellar in Feby. next. Paid Josiah Allen for John Richmond 7 dollars, for James Sevier at Mr. Mays store £3. 2. 9. also cash 4 dollars. John Richmond Dr. to cash paid Jos. Allen 7 dollars. John Fickee 1 blk. Handkf got at Mr. Deadrick81 store. Mon. 4 warm, the violets in the garden bloomed. Tues. 5 very warm & pleasant in the night snowed. Wed. 6 snowed all day. Thur. 7 clear & windy set out for knoxville, styd. at Greenville. pd. Expenses 6. Ferryed at Lick Creek (?) (?) to pay Gray 9d. Fed at Parks & owe him 1. Lodged at Wm. Murphys. Sat. 9 Dined at Mr. Reeses Lodged at Browns pd. for expenses 5.

Sun. 10 Crossed Holeson at McBees Ferry pd. 1. Travelling in Co. with Jn. Anderson Colo. Roddey & Arc. Rowan82 esq. Arrived in Knox. in the evening & put up at Stones. Mon. 11 The convention met,83 & a heavy rain fell that duty & night. Tues. 12 sent our horses to Cains. Wed. 13 Rained & the river very high. Thur. 14 Rained Fry. 15 the committee reported the bill of rights. Sat. 16 cold.

 p184  Sun. 17 ditto. Mon. 18 Rained heavily. Tues. 19. Rained. Wed. 20 Veryº Thur. 21 Do. Fry. 22 Do. Sat. 23 Snowed in the night

Sun. 24 very cold. Mon. 25 ditto. Tues. 26 clear & cold. Wed. 27 cold. A ball at Mr. Dunlaps.84 Thur. 28 cold & clear. Fry. 29 ditto Sat. 30 ditto. Sun. 31 very warm & pleasant.

February 1796.

Mon. 1 Feby. 1796. Rained. Tues. 2. rained all night Lodged at Woods. Wed. 3. clear & cold. Th. 4 ditto. Fry. 5 some warmer. Sat. 6 cloudy. Convention adjourned.

Sun. 7 very warm rained in the night. Mon. 8 Cumberland members set out. I sent with them many letters to sundry persons. Tues. 9 warm & pleast. Rained in the night. Wed. 10 dined at Govs. Thur. 11 left Knoxville in Company with Colo. Carter & Wm. McCinn (?). Lodged at D. Halys. Fry. 12 we lodged at Maj. Pres (?). Sat. 13 at Colo. Cockes.

Sun. 14 at Colo. Coils. Mon. 15 at Rogersville. Tues. 16 Lodged at Capt. Anies. Wed. 17 Lodged at Ar. Galbraths. Thur. 18 at Walter Kings S. B. deld. Fry. 19 ditto Lent John Christian 7‑6. Sent to him pr. his wife. Sat. 20 Snowed. went to Abel Morgans.

Sun. 21 Lodged at night at J. Yancys. Mon. 22 came to Sullivans court. put up at Mr. Greghams. Tues. 23 Court. Wed. 24 ditto. Snowed 3 Inches Deep. Thur. 25 rained in the night. Fry. 26 cloudy. raid. yesterd. From Maj. Sevier 1 guinea & 4 Dollars. Sat. 27 came home from Sullivans swam our horses at Widow Ducanes (?) over the River holes on Sun. 28 Cold Frosty. Mon. 29 ditto.

March 1796.

Tues. 1 day of March wt. to Jonesbo. Wed. 2 came home. Thur. 3 staid at home. Fry. 4th cold & clear. Sat. 5 went to Mr. Sherrills.

Sun. 6 Set out for Jefferson Election. Lodged that night in Greenville. Mon. 7th lodged in Company with Capt. Js. Stinson & Alex Carmichael at Parks on Bent Creek, very cold. Tues. 8th lodged at Mr. Fitzgeralds. Cold. Wed. 9 lodged at A. Wilkins. Thurs. 10 went to Jefferson Election & from their wt. to Wilcoxs. Lodged there in Comp. with Capt. Cauzby. Fry. 11 wt. to Sevier Election. Lodged at J. Thomas. Brakfirsted at Do. Sat. 12 Set out for home lodged at John Naves (?)

Sun. 13 Braket. at Capt. Fines. Dined at Greenville & Lodged there all night. Mon. 14 came home at night. Tues. 15 cold & Dry. Wed. 16 Ditto. Ja. Sevier Lodged at my house. Thur. 17 cold & Dry. Fry. 18 self & Mrs. Sevier with Betty wt. to Jonesbo. Sat. 19 staid at Jonesbo. cold.

Sun. 20 came home. cold. Mon. 21 cold. Tues. 22 Mr. & Mr.º Casson, Mr. and Mrs. Weir & Miss Jinmy & Betsy, Mr. McKee & his Lady, Mr. Debardeliben, James Sevier his Lady, Mrs. Jack Sevier, Capt. Harrison, Mr. Evans, & Mr. Sherrill Dined here. Mr. Waddell, Capt. Harrison & Mr. Evans staid at night. Wed. 23 Capt. Harrison,  p185  Mr. Wddleº & Mr. Evans took Brak. & set out for Jonesbo. Rained some in the evening. Thur. 24 Rained some in the evening. Thur. 24 rained in the morng. Frost in the morng. Memo. Paid Mr. Doake for schooling Washington & Saml. a half Joe (?) Paid Mr. James Paine towards Rye had some time ago 1 Guinea. Memo. Paid Alex Nelson for Expenses at Rodgers pr. order for Rogers 34‑9. Put into the Hands of Walter King a patent of 25060 acres on waters of Cumberland. Ditto into the Hands of Capt. M. Harrison for 10500 on Sequatchie River. to see if any person will purchase the same. I pd. Jos. Young 15 bushls. Fry. 25 cold & Dry Frost at night. Sat. 26 cloudy. Colo. Carter & self set out for Knoxville Lodged in Greenville cool & Dry.

Sun. 27th set ourº from Green & lodged that night at Painters Springs.85 Mon. 28 Brak. at Haines, & arrived in Knoxville in the evening. Assembly met. Tues. 29 cool & Dry. Recd. message by committee that I was duly elected Governor of the State of Tennessee. Wed. 30 was attended by a committee to the House of Representatives Chamber & was there Qualified As Governor.86 16 round of cannon was Discharged. Thurs. 31 Dry & cool, Dined at Gov. Blounts.

April 1796.

Fry. 1st day of April, cool. Sat. 2 ditto.

Sun. 3 ditto. Mon. 4 ditto. Tues. 5 ditto. Wed. 6 ditto. Thur. 7 the members of Assembly, the clks., the Judges, the Senator Mr. Blount, Col. Henly & a member number of Gentlemen Dined with me at Mr. Stones. Fry. 8 warm & Dry. Sat. 9 ditto.

Sun. 10 ditto. Mon. 11 Went to Mariesville in Compy with Colo. McKee. After granting Coms. to Judge McNairy87 & Blount. Lodged all night at Mr. Wallises. Tues. 12 Rained. went to P. Simmes, staid all night. Wed. 13 Returned to Knoxville. Thur. 14 rained heavily. Fry. 15 very warm. Sat. 16 accompanied by Gov. Blount as far as Cains on his way to Congress. McClung88 McClellan & self Returned same evening.

Sun. 17 Self Col. Ford, Maj. Jonson & Cak (?) went out to Loves 3 miles. Mon. 18 removed from Cap. Stones to the house of Col. Carter in Knoxville. Col. Carter set off home; I sent with him Wm. Willsons bond for £63 for to Collect. Tues. 19th cloudy. Wed. 20 Dry & warm. Thur. 21 Ditto. Took tea at Mrs. McClungs in  p186 Co. with Col. Gest & lady & Colonel White. Fry. 22 Very warm & sultry. Sent in an address to the Assembly.89 Sat 23 Assembly adjourned. Doctor Cabel & Deleon arrived.

Sun. 24 very sultry & cloudy. Mon. 25 Knox. Court begun. Tues. 26 Fine rain, and rained in night. Mrs. Smith was here — Wed. 27 very cloudy in the morng. Cool in the night river raised also. Thur 28 very cool for the season. Fros.º Fry. 29 light Frost. Sat. 30 some warmer.

May 1796.

Sun. 1 day of May some warmer. Mon 2d. Mr. Barrow brot news from Mrs. Sevier all well, cloudy & some rain. Judges Blount & Roane88A Messrs. Dillen, Johnston, Terrill, Barrow, Maloy, Ross89A & others set out for Nashville, 2 o'clock afternoon. Tues. 3 to Natl. Hays. Warm & Dry. Wed. 4th lent unto James Hankins 5 Dollars, he being the workman who is building the school house in Knoxville. (lent in presence of Secretary Maclin)90 Thurs. 5 fine shower. Fry. 6 warmer Dined at D. Whites. Sat. 7 Left with Mr. McCrory. James Kings receipt for cask powder. wt. 101 ls. Gross, which powder he is to get of the public magazine, & give me Cr. for at 4/ per lb. Sat. set out for home, left with Secretary Maclin — Morgans reports. Simms military guide, the public papers & 2 Coats & 1 Hatt & a looking-glass. Lodged at Mr. Hains. pd. 5/. heavy rain.

Sun. 8th Fed at Mr. Cheeks Rode in company with Pegg Forest. Lodged at Greenville. Hard Frost Mon. 9 tarried in Greene. — Dry & cold Tues. 10 ditto, dry & cool. Wed. 11 tarried in Greene. Thrown. 12. ditto. Fry. 13 came home in company with Mr. Claiborne. Sat. 14 Fine rain.

Sun. 15 Some light showers. Mon. 16 went to Jonesbo to Court. Tues. 17 staid at Jonesbo at Mr. Waddles. Wed. 18 ditto. rained. Thur. 19 ditto — ditto. Fry. 20 came home Frost in morng. Mr. Norvel & Geo. King came home with me. 21 all of us went to Mr. Doaksº meeting. Mr. Balch, his lady & daughter came home with us.

Sun. 22 Went to meeting. Sacrament. Miss Balch & Mrs. Hammes came home with us. Mon. 23 self & Mrs. Sevier wt. to meeting.  p187  Tues. 24 a violent Hale & rained gust, did much damage to everything growing. Wed. 25 very cool for the season. Thur. 26 rained & cool. Memo. to send Doctor Holt some different articles to make bitters. Memo. paid to Mr. Saml. May for Saml. Sherrill in part pay of negro man named Will. Saml Sherrills own acct. with Mr. May £29.10.7 to Mr. May for goods to Josiah Allen on Mr. Sherrills acct. £4/.10.0 Virginia money. Memo. pd. Mr. May for Charles Waddell pd. Mr. Doake on the 23 May 1796 6 dollars. Recd. from James Sevier 20 May 1796 12 dolls. Memo. Let a Quaker near Rogers mill have a bushel of corn.

Fry. 27 rained & cool went to Jonesbo. Self & Mrs. Sevier. let Mr. Balch have 18 bushels corn, recd. 9 dollars for the same.91 Sat. 28 came home from Jonesbo.

Sun. 29 some more warm & pleasant. Mon. 30 rained lightly. Tues. 31 dry & some warmer, Brown & others dined here.

June 1796.

1st warm & dry Let Mr. Hunt (B. J.) have 2 bushels of corn. Thur. 2 dry & hot let Miss Balch have half bushel corn. Fry. 3 rained in the morng. let Mrs. Kennedy (widow) have 1 bush. corn. Sat. 4 rained. Memo. Jane Newman departed this life on 25th inst. at night buried 27th. Jacob Embree rendered an account against John Fickee for

Lyquor Amt. 0.13.6.
John Richmond for Do 0. 6.0.
Myself 1 qt. brandy 0. 1.3.
To his mother Gallon Do 0. 5.0 
1. 5.9. V. M.
4 Chairs 12.092

Gave Jacob Embree an order to Walter King for 150 ls. Iron. Sat. 4th rained in evening.

Sun. 5 Self, Mrs. Sevier, Mrs. Campble & betsy went to Mr. Doakes meeting rained. Mon. 6 dined with Mr. Sherrill rained. Michl. Woods & wife Lodged here all night. Mrs. Waddle also lodged all night here. Memo. of corn delivered to sundry persons. To Mr. Sec H. pr. order from Mr. Doake 8 bushels. To Andrew Lilburns sundry times 12 bushels. To 2 men living at the Hotts (?) place 4 bushels. To Moses Hocket 2 bushels of rye. To William Celry 5 bushels. Mrs. Kenedy Corn 1 bushel. Mr. Hunt (B. Smith) 2 bushels. Tue. 7 Dry & warm. Wed. 8 very warm. Thurs. 9 light shower

June 1796.º

Fry. 10 A Gust in the evening. Mrs. Sevier & self dined at James Seviers myself wt. to W. Colliers & got cherys. Mr. John Waddle Junr. Lodged here all night Rained in the night. Sat. 11 rained in the morng.

 p188  Sun. 12 Ditto. Mon. 13 Went to Jonesbo & returned hom. Tues. 14 rained. Wed. 15 dry & hot. Thurs. 16 rained. Fry. 17 small shower. Sat. 18 Rained.

Sun. 19 Dry & hot. Mon. 20 warm & dry began to p. corn. 2nd time. Tues. 21 rained Eliz. Handly Died. Wed. 22 rained. Eliz. Handly buried. began to reap wheat. Tues. 23 reaped wheat93 & finished. rained. Memo. Wm. Colyer 2 bushels corn. Mr. Haislet Junr. reaped part of the day. Haislet Senr. a whole day paid by Richmond to Gen. Burget for 2 Gallons of whiskey 8/. Wm. Collier 2 bushels of corn. Mr. Hunt (B. S.) Bushels. Thos. Hutson on lick Creek near James Mauhons Dr. to 2 Bushels corn. Fry. 24 very hot. Sat. 25 Doctor Cathcart of Philadelphieº & Mr. McCollister, Brak. here, and then we all went to Jonesbo. Tarried all night & Sunday night.

Sun. 26 tarried at Jonesbo. Mon. 27 paid John Hunter 14/.6. in full of his (B. Smiths) account vs. me. Come home in Company with D. White who tarried all night, W. King also. Tues. 28 Doctor White left here, hauled in our wheat, W. King returned home. Sold unto Doctor Cathcart Lead mines for £750 V. M. very warm Day. began to hoe corn in the lower field on the river. Wed. 29 Mrs. Geo. King came to my house Thur. 30 self Mrs. Sevier, & Betsy in Company with Mrs. Sherrill & Mr. Geo. King set out for knoxville94 — arrived in Greenville that Evening — Lodged all night at Mr. Purdues pd. Expenses 3 dollars. Memo. left with Mr. Richd Campble 7 Dollars to purchase plank & salt. Let Mr. Richd. Jones have one Bushl. corn. Richd. Jones son & 2 daughters of Joshua Green died on the 29th with the flux —

July 1796.

Fry. 1 July lodged at parks, pd. Expenses 16/. Gave him 2 Dollars.

Sat. 2 Brak. at Col. Rodies Expenses 6/ rained Lodged all night Hains Exps. 28/.

Sun. 3d crossed at Magbees Ferry pd. Expenses 4/. left with a dollar Ballº due me 2/. Arrived at Mr. Cains Lodged their all night Expenses 21/ left 1/6 unpaid. Mon. 4 arrived in Knoxville 10 o'clock. An Elegant Ball at Mr. Stones. very warm & Dry. Tues. 5 warm & Dry. Wed. 6 Ditto. a ball at Mr. Stones. sent our horses to Mr. Cains. Thur. 7 warm & Dry. Fry. 8 Bt. of Crozier 6 pr. stocks. Silk & buttons. 20/ cotton plain. Memo. pd. at Greenville as we came Down, to a Mr. Right, 9 dollar for a muslin Habbitt bought by my Daughter Catery some time ago. Sat. 9 very Hott.

Sun. 10 some rain at night. Mon. 11 cloudy & sultry. Tues. 12 very fine rain, cool at night. Wed. 13th cool & pleasant. Thur. 14 something more sultry. Fry. 15 Mrs. Sevier Mr. Sherrill & Mr. Geo. King set out for Washington. Mrs. Sevier took with her 10 Dollars for Expenses, &c. Sat. 16 very warm, & Dry.

 p189  Sun. 17 My son Washington95 & Saml. arrived in evening. Mon. 18 cloudy & some rain in the morning. went to a dance at Mrs. Blounts. Tues. 19 very hott. Wed. 20 Sent a dispatch to the Secy. at War by the post. Thur. 21 fine rain in the morng. A Genl. muster of the light horse in Hamilton District. — S. Greer, G. Mr. Claiborne & Mr. Miller arrived. Fry. 22 recd. a letter from Saml. May Sat 23 cool.

Sun. 24 Self, Rutha, Betsy,º Washington, & Sammy wt. to meeting. Lat night Mr. Miller had stolen from him 5 gall peas & Maj. Claiborne 1 Dollar. Mon. 25. cool for the season. Maj. Nelson &º Brak. with us at Mr. Stones Knox county court began today. Tues. 26 Blount Election began for a representative in room of J. Hueston resigned.

Wed. 27 nothing Extraordinary. Thur. 28 a Gust of rain in afternoon. Fry. 29 Mrs. Sevier & family arrived. Sat. 30th Mr. Hanly came in with Waggon we moved to Carters house Lent Mr. Claywell 3 dollars. the Assembly met this day.

Sun. 31 very warm. pd. unto Joshua Phipps 10 dollars in full of an old debt due William Crone.

August 1796.

Mon. 1 Settled with John Handly in full up to this date. & the Amt. of acct. Driving the waggon home included is 11 Dollars. Out of which he recd. 4 dollars & set out for home. Tues. 2 Election for Senators was held by the Assembly. Blount, & Cocke,96 elected. Wed. 3 Recd. from. Maj. Claiborne 4 dollars — paid to Mr. Holt 2 Dols. Thurs. 4 Dry & coolº Fry. 5 ditto. Sat. 6 warm & clear.

Sun. 7 ditto. Mon. 8 ditto. Tues. 9 Assembly broke up. Wed. 10 rain. Thur. 11th rained — pd. Mr. Hope in full for work done &c. &c Fry. 12 rained. Col. Henly, Capt. Rouse & Capt. Cunzby dined here. pd. for 2 pails & a w. Tubb 9/6. Let Suza Haiston have 1 dollar recd. from her melons &c. to the amt. of 4/. Sat. 13 rained.

Sun. 14 clear. Mon. 15 Went to the Plant. & returned. Tuesday  p190 16 Mr. Hancocke recd 2 Dols. for which he is to furnish 6 bushls. of seed Oats on the plantation to sow in the spring. Wed. 17 a refreshing shower —, Washington Swaped off his mair for a bay horse Settled with the butcher due to him £3.12.8. Sent the money to him the next morng by Tobee. Thur. 18 very hott. Fry. 19 ditto. Chickasaw Indians came here. Sat. 20 Ditto. Sº

Sun. 21 self Mrs. Sevier & betsy wt. to Mr. John Sherrills. rained in eveng. Mon. 22. Staid at Mr. Sherrills. Wm. Sherrill came to Knoxville. Tues. 23 came home, in compy with Mr. Sherrill & wife. Wed. 24 Mr. Sherrill and wife wt. home. Thurs. 25 Wm. Sherrill & P. Simms Dined here. Fry. 26 Morng Foggy. Memo. Chickasaw Indians came to Knoxville. Self, Washington & Sally Clarke sit out for Washington. Lodged all night at Mr. Hains. paid for expenses 7/6.

Sun. 28 Lodged at Colo. Conways. Mon. 29 lodged at Mr. Purdems. Tues. 20 rained very heavily. Wed. 31 came home, rained.

September 1796.

Thur. 1 Sepr. came to Jonesbo. Fry. 2 staid in Jonesbo rained. Sat. 3 rained, staid in Jonesbo.

Sun. 4 rained came to the plant.º Mon. 5 returned to Jonesbo. Sent Washington to Greene. Tues. 5 Was taken ill in the morng. before Mrs. Mays store, — Washington returned with 175 Dollars from G. Conway, on a warrant on the Treasury for part of my annual service lodged all night in Col. Robertsons house. Wed. 7 some better came to Mr. Waddells. Let Muhl. Harrison have 100 dollars to pay the waggoners for bringing goods from Richmond. Thurs. 8 Mr. Stuart went off to Knoxville Sent by him to Mrs. Sevier 10 dollars. Fry. 9 lent Wm. Cox 6 dollars (Dry & Cool) Sat. 10 paid John Doake97 6 Dollars for his father for schooling the boys — Washington & Saml.

Sun. 11 cloudy & light frost. Mon. 12 ditto — light frost. Tues. 13 Some warmer. Wed. 14 blistered by Doctor Chester. Thur. 15 took off the blisters, kept my bed. Fry. 16 Kept my bed & very sick. Sat. 17 ditto — ditto.

Sun. 18 Mrs. Sevier came to Jonesboro this day I walked a little about. Mon. 19 got some better. Tues. 20 Fair & cool, Supr. Court began. Wed. 21 ditto.. Thur. 22 cool. Fry. 23 ditto. Sat. 24 paid John Waddle 10 Dollars which he lent me sometime ago & lent him 2 dollars beside.

Sunday 25 Pleasant & warm. Mon. 26 ditto. Tues. 27 ditto. pd. Saml. Handly98 7 dollars in full of all his demands. Wed. 28 ditto. Mrs. Sevier came to P. Grove.99 Thur. 29 I came to ditto, Major Claiborne appointed a Judge P. Tem. & Qualified. Francis Baker  p191 whipped at Jonesbo. Fry. 30 Bealer whiped, Croped, Branded & pillored for H. Stealing.

October 1796.

Sat. Octo. 1st Self, Mrs. Sevier & Mrs. Campble set out for Knoxville lodged that night at Col. Conways.100

Sun. 2 Set out from C. Conways & lodged that night at Brachhaws, head of Dumplin. Mon. 3 arrived in Knoxville in evening/ all well/ Tues. 4 dispatched Commissioners to Cumberland Mero District101 for Field officers & for the Cavalry by Maj. Miles. Wed. 5 rained in the morng. paid to Mr. Hancock 1 dollar. The Butcher brot in his acct. £3.16.6. pd. him out of it £2.11.0. Thur. cool Frost at night. Fry. 7 red. of James Greenaway 5 dollars in part pay of powder some time ago — Frost at night. Sat. 8 Frost at night. Mrs. Blount & family sit out for philadelphia.

Sunday 9th clear & pleasant. Memo. purchased from Alex Cunningham 100 bushels of corn to be delivered on my plantation — pd. him in Croziers store £10.0. Mon. 10 cool. Tues. 11 Superior Court for Hamilton District begins. Wed. 12 cool. Thur. 13 cool. Fry. 14 rained. Sat. 15 clear & cool.

Sun. 16 Cool & pleasant. Mon. 17 ditto. Tues. 18 ditto. pd. Alex. Cunningham 100 dollars. Wed. 19 cool Jesse Geffrys whiped for Horse stealing. (Branding & Pilloring pardoned). Memo. lent the butcher in Knoxville 30 dollars. Thur. 20 Dry & cool, paid unto Mrs. Hairston 3 dollars in full of all accompts. Fry. 21 dry & cool. Sat. 22 Self Mrs. Sevier & Betsy wt. to Mr. Simms Tarried there all night. (Dry weather).

Sun. 23 Staid all night at Mr. Simms (D. W.) Mon. 24 came home (Dry weather) Tues. 25 let Mr. A. Crozier, have some time ago, a Draft on P. Garts in Baltimore Drewby Jos. Ennwer (?) for £250 V. money. Wed. 26 (Dry) Bought of Geo. Gordon a black mare 8 years old £16. price. Thurs. 27 Bought of Jas. Anderson a bay horse 70 dollars. price. 5 years old. gray star branded n. shoulder 
[image ALT: A horse brand: A capital J followed by a Greek letter psi without the lower part of the upright.]
	Fry. 28 dry & warm. Sat. 29 ditto.

Sun. 30 ditto. Mon. 31 ditto.

Novemberº 1796.

Tues. 1 November 1796 Hard frost Wed. 2 dry & cool. Thur. 3 ditto. Fry. 4 ditto. Sat. 5 ditto.

Sun. 6 Settled with Delancy the butcher & there is due to me 3 dollars & one 8th, & so settled in his books & my acct. crossed out. Memo. paid for Alexr. Cunningham unto N. P. Perkins 10 dollars. & 25 Cts. to Thos. Hamilton 20 dollars. Mon. 7 Dry the waggon & carriage set off for Home from Knoxville, Rutha Joanna & polly came on to Mr. McCains myself Mrs. Sevier Mrs. Campble & betsy tarried at Capt. Stones (Hoggs put up). Tues. 8 we set from Knoxville lodged that night at Breiziltons, paid Expenses 15/. Wed.  p192 9 Fed our horses at the painter Springs pd 9d. Tarried all night at Col. Boddys pd Exps. 2 dollars. Thurs. 10 Tarried at Greenvill pd. 4 Dolls. Fry. 11 came home all well. Sat. 12 warm & pleasant.

Sun. 13 ditto. Mon. 14 ditto went to Jonesbro. Tues. 15 rained in the morng. came home from Jonesbro. Wed. 16 pleasant Thur. 17 ditto. Fryday 18 Settled with Jno. Richmond & there is due unto him £3.14.0. Sat. 19 Sowed Timothy seed rained all night.

Sun. 20 Finished sowing Timothy seed rained. Mon. 21 very warm. Tues. 22 went to Jonesbo. rained in evening & in the night snowed. Wed. 23 cold. Thur. 24 Genl. muster & very cold, all the little brooks Frozen, & part of escloctucky102 (?) Fry. 25 Rutha takes very sick. Mrs. Sevier came home, continued very cold. Sat. 26 very cold. Court adjourned.

Sunday 27 very cold, snowed at night. Mond. 28 came home from Jonesbro. cold. Tues. 29 sent the waggon & horses to Jonesbro to sit out for Richmond (Some warmer, but still very cold) Wed. 30 some warmer, rained in the night. Peter Turny came to P. Grove with Petitions Letters &c for a pardon for Jacob Turney staid all night. — a pardon granted.

December 1796.

Thur. 1st of December cold & snowy day. John Fickee 1 dollar to pay the shoemaker. Fry. 2 Mrs. Sevier came home rained. Sat. 3 very cold.

Sun. 4 Some more moderate. Mon. 5 pleasant Rutha came home from Jonesbo. Tues. 6 cold, & some snow. Wed. 7 very cold & flying snow. Thurs. 8 Snowed in the night. Fry. 9 very cold. Mr. Gillom came here. Sat. 10 some milder weather. pd. Isaac Embree 2 Dollars for plank.

Sun. 11 Very cold. Mr. Gillom left here. Sun. 11º cold & clear Maj. Sevier, Mr. Sherrill, Wm. Sherrill & wife dined here. Mon. 12 Settle with John Wei esquire for sundries unto this date & there is yet due unto him £3.13.8 Virga. Money., which he has from under my hand today on demand (Clear & cold) day but some more moderate than yesterday. Memo. to get Clarks Jud. vs. Denton from Major Sevier. Gave Clarke an order on Colo. Taylor (Columbia) for 143 dollars & 9 Cents being the ball. of Redins Debt. Memo. 15, 20, or 30 drops of the acid Elixir of Vitrol, 2 or 3 times a day. Good to expel wind & promote digestion. Memo. to Commissioners Joseph Demoson (?), & Fedance Lane Capts out of Lanes sla. compy. which is divided into 2, near unto Colo. Roddys, Jefferson county, this division was set on Foot first by, Outlane & Major Mcfarland. Memo. Take a single handfull of the white shoemake root bark, boil it in water till it is strong & little more than a spoonfull then take out the root & add a spoon of tarr & a spoonfull of honey & mix it well together, then put to it a pint of new milk & Drench the horse — a sure curtº for worms — a sixth part, for a child — or half as much for a grown person, or nearly as much as for a horse — proved & a Certain cure. remark of Smith 3 vol. 15 page.

Nations, like France, & England consist in great measure, of proprietors & cultivators, can be enriched by industry & enjoyment — on the contrary like Holland & Hamburgh, are composed of merchants,  p193  artificers & manufacturers, can grow rich only through parsimony & privation as the interests of nations are so differently circumstanced, so is the common character of the people the former liberality frankness & good fellowship, mark their character. in the latter, narrowness, meanness, & a selfish disposition, averse to all social pleasure & enjoyment.

Mon. 12 Genl. Smith Joseph Greer & Hugh Nelson came to P. Grove to get certificates of their being elected Electors of President & Vice-President of the United States.103 Tarried all night. Tuesday 13 rained went in Co. with Genl. Smith to Jonesbro. Richard Campble Hawkins Windle & Mr. McCory came to town in evening. Staid all night & came to my house next day. Wed. 14 I came home rained. Thur. 15 very pleasant day. Paid off John Richmond for his 2 years work £3.14.1. Fry. 16. rained killed 5 fatted Hoggs. Sat. 17 Fine & cold.

Sun. 18. rained in the morng. Dined to‑day at Mr. Sherrills in Company with H. Windle Mr. Campble & his wife. Mon. 19 wt. to Jonesboro (cold). Tues. 20 Walter King came here. Wed. 21 snowed & rained. Thur. 22 Extremely cold froze very hard the river across & all the small streams. Fry. 23 W. King set out, (very cold). Gave him an order on Jno. Waddle for the ball. of a 20 dollar warrant on the treasurer of having recd. of Waddle 100 out of it, also an order on Mr. Montgomery for goods. Sat. 24. Very cold — paid Allen Gallaspie 5 dollars for John Fickee as pr. receipt.

Sun. 25 very cold Dined at Mr. Sherrills Mon. 26 V. cold. Dined at Mr. McKees. Tues. 27 Reuben Paine set in to be Overseer at £40 pr. annum. pd. Ruble th B smith 1/9. in full of all dues for S. work — pd. Richd. Campble 14/. for a pr. shoes. Wed. 28 very cold Thur. 29 ditto/ Fry. 30 ditto. Sat. 31 ditto.

The Editor's Notes:

81 The Deaderick family have long been prominent. James W. Deaderick, born at Jonesboro in 1812, was a justice of the Supreme Court of Tennessee, 1870‑1886, and was chief justice, 1876‑1886. His nephew, William V. Deaderick, 1836‑1883, a noted lawyer, was one of the judges of the Court of Arbitration for East Tennessee. (Caldwell's Bench and Bar of Tennessee.)

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82 Archibald Roane, born in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania, 1760; admitted to the bar at Jonesboro and Greeneville, 1788; judge of the Superior Court; governor of Tennessee, 1801‑1802; circuit judge, 1811‑1815; judge of the Supreme Court, 1815 until his death in 1818.

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83 The constitutional convention of 1796, which framed the first constitution of the State of Tennessee. Sevier was not a delegate, but he must have been generally looked upon as the coming governor. His son, John Sevier, Jr., was reading and engrossing clerk of the convention. The convention met on January 11, and adjourned on February 6, 1796. It was composed largely of the ablest men in Tennessee. (See Caldwell's Constitutional History of Tennessee.)

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84 The first male child born in Knoxville, and the most prominent member of the Dunlap family, was General Richard G. Dunlap, who was a zealous friend of Andrew Jackson. He served at Mobile and Pensacola under Jackson, practiced law, was brigadier-general of militia in 1836, member of the legislature, and was a member of the cabinet of the Republic of Texas. (Caldwell's Bench and Bar, p101.)

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85 "Painter's Spring." Panther Springs, a well known station then and later, between Greeneville and Knoxville. The panther is still called "painter" in the mountain regions. D.

Panther Springs, not a railway station. Col. Doak has it confused with Blue Springs, now Mosheim, nine miles west of Greenville. A.

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86 The old warrior, statesman and thorough business man makes far less noise recording his inauguration as governor than was made by the sixteen-round salute fired in his honor. The honor is recorded about as record is made of the sale of a hog. The inaugural ceremonies occupy less space than weather changes. D.

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87 Judge John McNairy of Nashville, judge of the Superior Court for Mero District, 1789; one of the territorial judges until 1796; member for Davidson County of the Constitutional Convention of 1796; judge of the United States District Court, 1797‑1834. He was here commissioned as a judge with Archibald Roane and Willie Blount, as a judge of the Superior Court.

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88 Mention of McClungs. An old Virginia family, ancestral to McClungs of later Cowan & McClung, afterwards Cowan & Dickinson, a great mercantile house, trading with almost the entire South and with New York, Philadelphia and Baltimore. D.

The McClung here mentioned was probably Charles McClung, who was president of the Constitutional Convention of 1796.

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89 This address was brief and mainly salutatory. It is to be found on pp659 and 660 of Ramsey's Annals.

[decorative delimiter]

88A Willie Blount, Archibald Roane and John McNairy were the judges of the Superior Court. McNairy lived at Nashville. He was appointed United States judge in 1797 and held that position until 1834. Blount resigned from the Superior Court in 1796. He was governor of Tennessee, 1809‑1815. He became a resident of Montgomery County and died there in 1835. His name is especially illustrious for his great ability and efficiency as governor during the War of 1812 and the Creek War.

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89A The early records of Davidson County show the names, Thomas Dillon; Isaac, John, David, Robert, Joseph, Peter, James, George, and Alexander Johnston; James, William, Daniel, and David Ross; William Terrill; John, Sherrod, Micajah, and Willie Barrow; and Thomas Mulloy, who shared with Edward Douglas the honor of being the first lawyer at Nashville. Mulloy was one of the signers of the Cumberland compact. He died about 1816. Willie Barrow was a son of Micajah Barrow and father of Washington Barrow, prominent in business and politics in the succeeding generation.

The route then traveled from Knoxville to Nashville was the old road which began at Leas Springs in Grainger County and ran through the present counties of Knox, Roane, Morgan, Fentress, Overton, Jackson, Smith, Trousdale, Sumner and Davidson. It was opened by militia in 1787. The Walton Road, which ran mainly through the tier of counties just southward, was opened about 1799.

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90 William Maclin, secretary of state of Tennessee, 1796‑1807. Little is known of him. He seems to have removed finally to Davidson County and died there.

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91 Corn fifty cents a bushel. In 1856 it was about forty cents a bushel. D.

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92 The account here given, in the proportion paid for chairs and for brandy and whiskey recalls Falstaff's itemized account as to which Prince Hal descants upon the intolerable "deal of sack" to the small bit of bread. D.

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93 "Reaped Wheat." Grain was reaped with sickles, with finely tempered edge formed of very fine teeth. Later a reaping-hook was used, with a sharp knife-edge, much cheaper than the sickle. The cradle does not seem to have been yet used, at least for wheat. D.

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94 The first governor had thus been at his Nolichucky home since April 7. This diary shows that he had not changed his residence to the farm near Knoxville, as averred by some biographers. This journey lasted four days.

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95 George Washington Sevier, the eldest child of the second marriage — now about fifteen years old. He was Circuit Court clerk of Overton County; served for many years in the army and became a colonel in 1814. He married Katherine Chambers and had eleven children, the second of whom married A. W. Putnam, the author of a history of Middle Tennessee. Col. Putnam, at his own expense, erected a monument to John Sevier in the City Cemetery at Nashville. (Heiskell, p203.)

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96 August 2, 1796. William Blount and William Cocke elected as the first United States Senators from Tennessee. Blount was the handsome, courtly and popular territorial governor. He had been a member of the Federal Constitutional Convention of 1787. In July, 1797, he was expelled from the Senate for writing a letter to James Carey, an Indian interpreter, which, it was charged, was for the purpose of employing him "as an engine to alienate the affects and confidence of the Indians from the public officers of the United States residing among them." His hold upon the confidence of the people was unshaken. He was elected to the state senate and was made speaker. He died March 1, 1800.

William Cocke was a remarkable man. He was born in Virginia in 1748 and died in Mississippi in 1828. He was a companion of Daniel Boone on one of his exploring expeditions into eastern Tennessee and western Kentucky; was employed by Richard Henderson to aid in establishing settlers in Transylvania; was in the Kings' Mountain campaign; was a leader in the State of Franklin; member of the Constitutional Convention of 1796; served as United States Senator until 1805; was Sevier's most valued and trusted adviser; was elected circuit judge in 1809; moved to Mississippi in 1812; at the age of 65 volunteered for the War of 1812 and served with efficiency and gallantry; was a member of the legislature of Mississippi. He was an effective orator. (Caldwell's Bench and Bar, p24; Life by Wm. Godrich, American Historical Magazine, Vol. III). Andrew Jackson was the representative in congress from Tennessee at this time.

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97 "John Doak," Rev. John Whitfield Doak, D.D., later president of Washington College and pastor of Old Salem Church, for a time pastor of a church in Philadelphia, Pa., father of Rev. Archibauldº Alexander Doak, D.D., last Doak president of Washington College. D.

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98 Probably Capt. Samuel Handly, who was captured by the Indians in a fight near Crab Orchard while marching with his company of forty-two men for the relief of the Cumberland settlement. See account of his adventures and captivity in Ramsey's Annals, pp571‑573. In his later years he lived at Winchester, Tenn., where he died.

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99 P. Grove — Plum Grove, the name of Sevier's farm and residence, on the Nolichucky (or Nola Chuckee, as Col. Doak spells it).

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100 Was this the George Conway who was major-general of Tennessee militia and whose death in 1801 brought about the contest between Sevier and Jackson for the office, which was decided by Governor Roane's vote for Jackson?

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101 "Mero District." Part of Middle Tennessee was once so called, named for Mero, Spanish governor of Southwest Territories, at New Orleans. Robertson had this compliment paid Mero as a diplomatic tribute, during negotiations concerning navigation of the Mississippi. The early settlers of Middle Tennessee were sadly hampered by Spanish trade and navigation relations. D.

Thayer's Note: Properly, Esteban Miró, Spanish governor of Louisiana. An almost equally succinct but more specific summary of the finaglings resulting in the naming of Miró District is given by Whitaker (The Spanish-American Frontier, 1783‑1795, p119).

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102 The reference is clearly to Nola Chuckee. D.

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103 These three electors cast the vote of the State for Jefferson for President and Burr for Vice-President.

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