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This webpage reproduces a section of
The Journal

John Sevier

published in Vols. V and VI
of the Tennessee Historical Magazine,

The text is in the public domain.

This page has been carefully proofread
and I believe it to be free of errors.
If you find a mistake though, please let me know!


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John Sevier's Journal

Vol. V
January 1797.

Sun. 1 day January 1797 some m. moderate. Mon. 2 very cold. Tues. 3 ditto. Flying snow. Wed. 4 a little rain & Freeze at night. Thur. 5 myself in co. with son Rector sit out for Knoxville Lodged in Greenville that night pd Expenses 9/. Recd. from Wm. Conway a Dappled Gray horse which he recd from J. Richardson at the price of 130 dollars in part pay of a debt Richardson was indebted to our store Keepedº at Greenville. Memo. left with R. Campble an order I obtained from Charles Robertson of 70 Dollars on Acquilla Sherrill; which R. C. is to collect & send me the money. Fry. 6 lodged at H. Conways very cold Sat. 7 snowed lodged at Wm. Conways.

Sun. 8 Lodged at John Bradshaws very cold Mon. 9 clear & some more moderate Lodged at J. McCains pd Expenses 4/6. Tues. 10 came to Knoxville rained very much in the night turned warm. Dined with Secy. Muclin. Wed. 11 Cloudy & windy the weather mod. Came to Capt. Stones last evening. Thur. 12 very warm & pleasant. Mr. Campble & his wife arrived & Mr. Arthur Crozier & his wife. Fry. 13 warm & pleasant a comp. of regulars arrived. pd. to Seth Johnson 5 dollars. Rained in the night. Richd. Campble recd. the 70 dollars on my acct. from Acquilla Sherrill cash for myself 2 dollars. Sat. 14 cloudy & warm.

 p194  Sun. 15 very warm. Mon. 16 ditto. Tues. 17 cloudy & rained in the night. Wed 18 cloudy & some rain in eveng. Sent to Richard Campble 15 dollars. Recd. from Secretary Pickering by way of Cumberland 7 acts of Congress. Thurs. 19 Rained. Fry. 20 cloudy & rained in eveng. Sat. 21 cloudy.

Sun. 22 clear & warm. Mon. 23 clear & cool. Tues. 24 clear & pleasant. Wed. 25 clear & pleasant. Thur. 26 ditto. pd. A. Carmichael 5 & a half dollars in full of his account. Fry. 27 ditto & pleasant. Sat. 28 warm & a violent storm Loud thunder Large hail & rained. High winds, & constant flash of Lightning the greater part of the night.

Sun. 29 some cooler & fair

Mon. 30 rained, court began paid Hickey the B. smith 3 dollars for a grubbing hoe.

Tues. 31 cloudy & some rain.

February 1797.

Wed. 1 February 1797 wet day. dined with the officers & a number of other gents at Mr. Campbles

Thurs. 2nd cloudy & some cooler

Fry. 3 rained

Sat. 4 clear & warm

Sun. 5 ditto

Mon. 6 ditto

Tues. 7 ditto

Wed. cloudy & some rain

Thur. 9 clear & warm

Fry. 10 ditto

Sat. 11 ditto

Sun. 12 ditto

Mon. 13 warm & rained heavily all night went to a ball at Capt. Stones being President Washingtons Birthday.

Tues. 14 warm & pleasant, Danced in the evening again at Capt. Stones pd. Mr. Hancocke 5 dollars for 2 acres of ground Grubed by Hitchcock

Wed. 15 clear & cold night

Thur. 16 clear & pleasant

Fry. 17 cloudy & rained

Sat. 18 Cloudy & like for rain

Sun. 19 dined at Mr. cains in Co. with W. Rector on his way to Virginia who took with 163 Virga money. rained all night. Rutha Sevier arrived.

Mon. 20 rained in morng.

 p232  Tues. 21 Fair & warm.

Wed. 22 Fair & very warm began to rain Rained all night with loud thunder.

Th. 23 Rained Heavyly in the morng. & a great part of the day & all night. Wm. Sherrill sit out for home in co with Jno. McAllister.

Fry. 24 became some cooler & clearer the river rose to very great height.

Sat. 25 the river at Stand & thoughº to have rose 35 Feet clear & cool.

Sun. 26 clear & the river began to fall. Let James Lee esqr. have a warrant on the Treasurer for 43 dollars to help pay off a debt due from the Estate of Isaac Taylor, also wrote to A Meek allowing him to let Col. Outlaw pay Lee 60 & a half dollars, which Lee informs me is the amt of his Debt, amounting in the whole to 103 1-2 dolls. pd a Waggoner 15/. for hauling 5 loads of rails from Johnsons.

Mon. 27 a beautiful day myself Capt. Sparks, Wm. Campble & Rutha rode out to Mr. Roads & dined.

Tues. 28 there fell a snow 8 inches deep 12 o'clock at night. Stepson Duncan's house burned down.

March 1797.

Weday. clear & warm, but hailed in the night.

Th. 2 day hailed snowed & rained in the morng gave 5 dollars to a dutchman who had his effects burned in Duncans house his name Waggoner.

Sat 4 clear & Cool, Tho. Shields on pigeon was killed by Indians.

Sun. 5 dined at Col. Henlys clear & cool day.

Mon. 6th paid Mr. Price twelve dollars for Grubing my four lots of Ground (Clear).

Tues 7 clear & pleasant (some wind).

We. 8 clear & pleasant.

Thur. 9 ditto.

Fry. 10 ditto.

Sat. 11 ditto, pd. Handwicke 11 Dols for to hire a hand 1 month to work.

Sun. 12 cloudy & rained in the morning. pd Doctor Frenier (?) for Alex Cuningham 13 3-4 dollars . . . £4.2.6. Mrs. Cain came here & tarried here all night. recd yesterday from Crozier & McCrory 100 Dols pd 80 of them to Thos. N. Clark in pay for the waggon & team purchased from him & 120 dols. out of the store being the first  p233 payment — (In Co.) Memo. gave John Rector on order on Col. Harrison for 10 or fifteen Dols., who set out today for Virginia.

Mon. 13 rained in afternoon & evening. Took tea with Mr. Sweetman together with Cap. Wade, Richard Right, Hillis & Nesdnan.

Tues. 14 cloudy in the morng (cleared off) rode out to Duncans place Loonys (?) &c. Sowed a few garden seeds.

Wed. 15 pleasant & warm day set out for Marysville & arrived in evng. Staid all night at Capt. Taylors (rained) paid expenses 3 dollars.

Thur. 16 set out late & lodged at Mr. Simms rained in the night W. M. Sims.

Fry. 17 cloudy in morng Came to Knoxville 1 o'clock, dined with the Continental officers & others at Capt. Chisms being a club dinner in memory to the day of St. Patrick.

Sat. 18 (cool) Mr. Sims & Lady came to town & tarried at Mr. Campbles.

Sun. 19 cool — Mr. Sims & Lady wt. home.

Mon. 20 Fair & pleasant.

Tuesday 21 very warm.

Wed. 22 ditto.

Thur. 23 rained & thundered.

Fry. 24 rained.

Sat. 25 Fair pd Seth Johnson 2 D.

Sun. 26 rained.

Mon. 27 cool & Frost at night.

Tues 28 cool, sent Toby home to assist Wm. Sevier down, also went with him 6 Crowns & four dollars to Mrs. Sevier, a muslin pattern to Joanna & a dimitty one to Polly.

Wes. 29 cool.

Thur. 30 cloudy, a Genl Muster.

Fry. 31 rained.

April 1797.

Sat 1 April, cool & Frost at night.

Sun. 2 more pleasant & cool at night.

Mon. 3 cloudy in the morng.

Tues. 4 rained a little.

Wed. 5 rained a little.

Thur 6 cloudy only, rained in the night.

Fry. 7 recd from Crozier & McCrory 50 Dollars went & lodged at McCains.

Sat. 8 set out from McCains. Caught in heavy rain, lodged all night at Mr. Hains'es.

Sun. 9 about 12 o'clock Mrs. Sevier arrived set out & lodged all night at Magbees Ferry, paid Expenses 16/. Frost at night.

 p234  Mon. 10 Arrived in Knoxville, all safe Frost at night.

Tues. 11 Genl. court began.

Wed. 12 lent to Joseph Brown brother to Doctor M. Brown 4 dollars.

Thu. 13 dry & cold.

Fryday 14 cloudy — pd Hancock 2 Dol. to pay for grubing.

Sat 15 rained.

Sun. 16 cool, Frost at night.

Mon. 17 rained.

Tues 18 very windy & cool pd John McCain 25 Dolls. pd. Alex Matthews 13.¾ dollars for 250 ls. Flour. Stevens burnt in hand for larceny.105 pd. for Balch 8 dollars.

Wed. 19 rained.

Thur. 20 cool.

Fry. 21 ditto.

Sat. 22 Superior Court adjd.

Sun. 23 cool & windy.

Mon. 24 very cool county court of Knox began.

Tues. 25 cool.

Wed. 26 some frost at night. Pd. Seth Johnson 7 dollars.

Thurs. 27. rained a little, the goods came to Whites with Stuart.

Fry 28 Robert Parker was Executed for Burglary. lent Joel Hancock 1 dol.

Sat. 29 very warm. Several Frenchmen arrived, sons to the late Duke of Orleans.

Sun. 30 Set out for Cumberland106 first being visited by the 3 sons of Orleans107 — accompanied by Capt. Crozar Richard, Wright, Stone & no. of others as far as Mr. Clarkes. Lodged all night at Mr. Campbells.108

May 1797.

Monday 1 of may rained in morng. let our horses graze near Clayville. Recd yesterday from R. Campbell 60 dollars. Dined at So. W. Point109 lodged all night at Richardsons. — pd Expenses 10/6.

 p235  Tues. 2 set out Brak. under the Cumberland Mountain. Dined at Crab Orchard.110 Lodged all night 2 miles beyond Obas river.

Wed. 3 Set out passed a camp of Indians near Drowning creek. rode 12 miles & Brak — rode 13 miles to a spring 2 miles from the mountain in the barrens. There dined lodged 10 miles from Fort Blount111a rained in night.

Thur. 4 Rained in the morning Brak. at Andersons. pd Expenses 4/6. Crossed Fort Blount111b to the Cumberland River pd 1/. Lodged at Peter Turnys.112 rained much in the night.

Fry. 5 Swam our horses over Goose Creek. Crossed ourselves in a Canoe.113 got corn at Stubblefields pd. 4/6. Dined at Lyons, Bledsoes Lick.114 pd. Lodged at Genl. Winchesters.115

Sat. 6 cloudy in the morng. lodged at Colonel Edwd. Duglass'es.116

Sun. 7 arrived in Nashville, Lodged all night at Maj. Lewis.117 Met with my brother G/ Sevier.

Mon. 8 went to Judge McNairys118 (Court began).

Tues. 9 tarried at the Judges.

Wed. 10 dined with Mrs. Robersons.

Thur. 11 dined at Mr. Tates.

 p236  Fry. 12 nothing extraordinary.

Sat. 13 nothing extraordinary.

Sun. 14 dined at Col. Joel Lewis.119

Mon. 15 dined at Mr. Maclins. went home with Gen. Robertson.120 Tarried all night.

Tues. 16 returned to Nashville & dined at Mr. Fosters.121

Wed. 17 a handsome & Elegant Ball, at Judge McNairys in the evening.

Thur. 18 rained, I accompanying Mrs. Tate home & dined with her then returned to Judge McNairys in the evening was visited by Colo. Hawkins & Genl. Pickens.122

Fry. 19 rained in the morng.

Sat. 20 dined at Maj. Lewis with a large party of Ladies and Gentlemen. a violent storm in the night blowed down several houses lodged all night with Mr. Lewis.

Sun. 21 went out to the Commiss. camp, dined there & returned to Judge McNairys.

Mon. 22 dined at Colonel Joel Lewis, & returned to Ju. McNairys.

Tues. 23 dined at Maj. Lewis & left Nashville 3 o'clock Lodged at Col. Hays.123

Wed. 24 Set out after Brakfust, rained arrived at Genl. Smith124 in evening staied all night.

Thu. 25 set out in the morng. arrived at Genl. Winchesters in evening. tarried all night.

Fry. 26 Set out 10 o'clock, fed at Stubblefields & arrived at Capt. Turnys in the eveng. staid all night.

Sat. 27 Set out in the morng Dined at Anderson & lodged 12 miles from thence.

Sun. 28 Set out very early rode 10 miles to the Foot of the mountain  p237 & Brakfirsted — Lodged at night within 8 miles of the Crab orchard.

Mon. 29 Set out very early rode 20 miles across to the foot of the mountain & Brak. with Mr. Sweelmanº (?) on his way to Cumberland with his waggon, then set out and arrived at So. Wt. Point 3 o'clock rained heavily in the night.

Tues. 30 rained in the morng. our horses missing, tho found toward evening.

Wed. 31 Set out & arrived early at Judge Campbells, tarried all night.

June 1797.

Thursday 1 day of June 1797. Set out in the morning and arrived at Knoxville in the evening. Dined at Mr. Parks125 on the way Found all well at Mr. Campbells.

Fry. 2 rained in the morng. Nothing Extraordinary.

Sat. 3 Mr. & Mrs. Campbell set out for Tellicos B.126 house in Company with Mr. & Mrs. Crozier, Capt. Sparks, Davidson & some others. Cloudy in morng.

Su. 4 very warm.

Mon. 5 ditto.

Tues. 6 Mr. Campbell & wife returned shower.

Wed. 7 Some cooler.

Thur. 8 warm pd. unto Mr. Dunlop Farmwalls acct. per order at £11.14.8 V. M.

Fryday 9 very warm.

Sat. 10, very warm, pd. Rob. Wyly 30 dollars in part of his acct. Vs.me.

Sun 11 very warm & Dry.

Mon. 12 ditto. ditto.

Tues. 13 ditto —

Wed. 14 ditto.

Thurs. 15 Sent a Draggoon up to Plumb Grove with letters to Mrs. Sevier, & Miss Rutha. Continues very warm.

Fry. 16 very warm.

Sat. 17 very warm & cloud.

Sun. 18 cool in the morning & some rain.

Mon. 19 cool.

Tues. 20 ditto.

Wed. 21 ditto. — pd. Mr. Bowen five dollars for Alex. Cunningham.

Thurs. 22 Lent Capt. Blue 10 Dols. Cloudy. Sit out for P. Grove in Comp with Mrs. & Mr. Campbell, Capt. Sparks, & some Dragoons,  p238 redº from D. Henly. Agent 40 dolls. in pay for a house built at So. W. P. Lodged at Mr. Brazittons at night.

Fry. 23 Lodged at Col. Outlaws,127 rained in the afternoon.

Sat. 24, dined at Greenville rained in afternoon, arrived at home in the evening — pd. a merchant in Greenville 49/3.º for wine a hat &c. had by Mrs. Sevier. pd Rob Wyly 28/10º for L. sugar.

Sun. 25 rained Majr. McIntosh & Cap. Blue dined here —

Mon. 26 rained. Mr. Sherril reaped.

Tues. 27 cloudy in morng. Self & Cap. Sparks went to Jonesboro ret. in evng.

Wed. 28 began to reap.

Thurs. 29 Capt. Richd. Sparks & Rutha Sevier married by Mr. Doake.128

Fry. 30 rained. — pd. Isaac Embree 2 dollars for plank — 2/6. yet due to him, in full of all accounts.

July 1797.

Sat. 1 Went self, Mrs. Sevier Capt. Sparks & Mrs. Sparks to Jonesbro. rained.

Sun. 2 staid at Jonesboro rained — lodged with Mrs. Sevier &c. at Waddles.

Mon. 3 came home rained.

Tues. 4 went & Dined with Jas. Sevier — rained.

Wed. 5 clear & warm finished reaping wheat —

Thurs. 6 rained.

Fry. 7 ditto.

Sat. 8 ditto.

Sun. Fair & very hot, Capt. Sparks sit out for Knoxville.

Mon. 10 light rain in morng.

Tues. 11 self Mrs. Sevier wt to Jonesbro.

Wed. 12 staid at Jonesbro (dry).

Thurs. 13 ditto — (dry dry).

Fry. 14 ditto — ditto.

Sat. 15 came home (dry).

Sun. 16 cloudy in morng.

Mon. 17 very hot.

 p239  Tues. 18, ditto, some little rain. Genl. McDowell came129 here.

Wed. 19 Cloudy but no rain.

Thur. 20 Genl. McDowell left here.

Fry. 21 clear & hot.

Sat. 22 ditto.

Sun. 23 Mr. May & wife came here from Maj. Seviers — staid all night.

Monday 24 cloudy Memo. let Walter King have a warrant on the Treasurer for 100 Dollars some time ago. — Also paid Geo. Gillaspy sheriff for Walter King 49 dollars. Mr. King recd pay for the 100 dols warrant from John Shelby sheriff of Sullivan.

Tuesday 25 myself & son Washington went to Walter Kings & I left him Mr. King have 100 Dollars cash. staid all night at Mr. Kings.

Wed. 26 tarried at Mr. Kings.

Thurs. 27 ditto.

Fry, 28 ditto — C. See, S. B.

Sat. 29 came home in Co. with Col. S. Weir, Whorton rector & a son of Col. Arthurs. rained a little in the night.

Sun. 30 light shower in the morning. Memo. purchase yesterday from Wharton Rector this good in Knoxville — for which I am to give him 25 pct. in advance. Samuel Weir, James Paine & a young Arthur Wittens (?).

Mon. 31 Fair & hot.

August 1797.

Tues. 1 day of August 1797. self Mrs. Sevier & children went to Jas. Seviers to hear Revd. Bukton preach.

Wed. 2 light shower.

Thurs. 3 went to the election130 — a very fine rain.

Fry. 4 rained.

Sat. 5 Colonel Heard & Mr. Dardin came here, (my house).

Sunday 6 clear day.

Mon. 7 Herd & Dardin went away.

Tues. 8 Settled with Jacob Embree my own acct. & John Richmonds 12/3. John Fickees acct. 12/9. for myself 4 chairs 12/. — 37/. Gave an order for 37/ to Colo. Harrisons store — Lent to Wm. Greene 2 Dollars.

Wed. 9 dry & warm.

Thurs. 10 set out for Knoxville in Co. with Judge Claiborne Lodged that night at Greeneville, at which place the Synod had that day convened.

 p240  Fry. 11, lodged that night in Greeneville.

Sat. 12 left Greeneville lodged that night at Col. Roddy's, where I left my beast lance.

Sun. 13 I borrowed a mair from a Mr. Majers — shower of rain Lodged at Mr. Hains — pd. him 1 dollar to defray the expenses in the tavern.

Mon. 14 Brakfirsd at Mr. Meeks Dined at Mr. McCains, & arrived in the evening in Knoxville & lodged at Cap. Stones.

Tues. 15 dined in camp with Capts. Butler & Sparks.

Wed. 16 very warm.

Thur. 17 rained a fine shower.

Fry. 18 ditto.

Sat. 19 ditto.

Sun. 20 visited the camp a Fair day.

Mon. 21 some light showers. The waggons set out to pactolus (?) Iron Works loaded with goods I set out in the evening for plumb Grove. lodged at Mr. Cains & gave him 30 dolls.

Tues. 22 I purchased 2 negro fellars from Isham Brown, one named Ned a cook, the other Jack, a laborer price 215. Set out about 10 o'clock fed horses at Haines Iron works, & got one shod, pd/ expenses 4/. Lodged that night at Colo. Roddys.

Wed. 23 pd. Mr. Majors 2 dollars for the lend of his mair — pd 2 dollars to a negro fellar for taking care of my mair left lame at Colo. Roddys. Set out early & Brak. at Purdoms the blue spring, pd. expenses 2/s fed at Carricks in Greeneville, pd 1/. then set out & arrived at home at Dark. Memo I pd John Stone 9 dollars on Monday last for one weeks board of myself & expenses of feeding horses wine &c &c.

Thur. 24 — very hot & Dry day M. E. John McCollister came here & Tarryed all night. — Mrs. Wm. Clarke & Mrs. Massingail dined at my house.

Fry. 25 very Dry & hot, rain in the evening.

Sat. 26th Mr. Rector & Mr. Kenedy came here & tarryied all night set out in the morning.

Sun. 27 very warm.

Mon. 28 ditto, began to take fodder.

Tues 29 very hot.

Wed. 30 ditto Col. Craig came here on his way to Philadelphia tarryed all night & set out in morning.

Thurs. 31 myself & Mrs. Sevier went to Jonesboro. From thence I went to Walter Kings Iron works — Mr. Campbell & Mrs. Campbell came to my house from Virginia. I tarried at Walter Kings all night.

September, 1797.

Fry. 1st day of September 1797 Tarried at Walter Kings (Dry).

Sat. 2 Staid at Kings.

Sun. 3 came to P. Grove. fine rain.

 p241  Mon. 4 nothing extraordinary.

Tues. 5 Set out with the family in the evening for Knoxville. Lodged that night at Col. Gillaspys —

Wed. 6 Set out early Dined at Greene. pd. Expenses 17/6. Lodged that night at Blue Springs. (Expenses 16/6).

Thur. 7 Set out Early, dined at Colo. Roddies, pd. Expenses 6/. Give to Col. Roddie to give Mr. Major for attending my Mair Lodged that night at Wm. Murphys pd Expenses 12/. Memo. pd King & Deckson 25/. in full of my store acct. as pr. receipt taken 6th instant.

Fry. 8 Lodged that night at Adam Meeks esqr.

Sat. 9 Set out early — dined at Jno Cains — Arrived in Knoxville in the evening — the waggon & Cattle also.

Sun. 10 Very warm, staid at Cap. Sparks.

Mon. 11, ditto. — some rain.

Tues. 12 came to Major McClungs house, for which am to pay 10 dollars pr. month to Arthur Crozier.131

Wed. 13 pd. Richard Cavit 50 dollars, in part pay of a note of 100 due Walter King — some little rain. Give Rutha Sparks 5 Dollars.

Thurs. 14 cloudy — Mr. Richd Campbles waggon with goods arrived — Judge McNairy & his lady took tea.

Fry. 15 paid Jesse Willson pr order of Joel Hancocke 4 & a half dollars for grubing 1 acre of Ground at the plantation. pd. Joel Hancocke 2 dollars for Grubing done by Jesse Willsons brother some time ago. Pd. Thomas Hope 5 dolls. towards work done by himself in making sash lights, doors &c.

Sat. 16 Very warm.

Sun. 17 a very fine rain in the eveng.

Mon. 18th the assembly convened, a cool night.

Tues. 19 cool nothing extraordinary.

Wed. 20 rained.

Tues. 21 informed by a Committee that I was unanimously elected byº Gov. and that they would await on me next day to conduct me to the house to be qualified into office.

Fry. 22, The Committee accordingly attended — I was qualified &c. pd. Tho. N. Clarke 50 dollars.

Sat. 23 heavy rain.

Sun. 24 cool & clear.

Mon. 25 Cloudy & cool, lent Richard Campbell 10 dollars.

Tues. 26º Dry & cool.

Wed. 27 ditto — pd. Val.º Sevier for S. May 250 Dols. which I owed May.

 p242  Thur. 28 ditto Abraham Joab set in for a month at 12 dollars (3 only to be pd. in money).

Fry. 29 dry & cool.

Sat. 30 ditto pd. Hawkins 20 dollars for work at the kitchen.

October 1797.

Sun. 1 day of October 1797 (dry & cool) all at prisoners in Jail except a negro, made their escape in the night.

Monday 2 very dry & clear weather — Memo. that my negro Jack has staid at Manwells since I moved down to this place two whole weeks & 4 days of the first two weeks, for which I charge half a dollar a day, being 16 working days what time he staid there before was on an agreement made with Windle.

Tues. 3 cool & dry, rained in the night.

Wed. 4 Frost at night.

Thur. 5 cool day — the children went to the dancing school.

Fry. 6 cloudy in morng. Memo. Let Ginerale Carter have two drafts on the Treasurer for 375 dollars each, in part payment of my bond in his hands. Memo. pd. for James Sevier to the Treasurer 61 dollars & 80 Cents over & above what I owed him which balance he is to pay me in cash — Memo. pd. for Wharton Rector 120 dollars Whorton Rector Dr. to 120 dollars I paid James Sevier.º

Sat. 7 very dry.

Sun. 8 ditto.

Mon. 9 ditto.

Tues. 10 ditto Superior Court began.

Wed. 11 very dry & warm.

Thur. 12 ditto. Election for representative.

Fry. 13 ditto. election continued & closed pd. John Lynch 40 dollars, for T. N. Clark.

Sat. 14 very dry & warm.

Sun. 15 ditto. pd. for Alex Cunningham 3 dolls.

Mon. 16 cool.

Tues. 17 cool nothing extraordinary.

Wed. 18 pd. Roberts who lives at Cains 2 dollars towards his last load of corn.

Thur. 19 cool & some rain in the evening.

Fry. 20 ditto cool & light frost.

Sat. 21 cold & light Frost.

Sun. 22 Myself, Mrs. Sevier Mrs. Sparks and Betsy went to Majr. Peters camp.

Mon. 23 staid at camp (rained in night).

Tues. 24 returned to Knoxville all well.

Wed. 25 cool & dry.

 p243  Thurs. 25 self & Mrs. Seviers went to Mr. Sims's to visit Mrs. Sims who was sick.

Fry. 27 Returned home rained at night.

Sat. 28 cool & clear Assembly adjourned.

Sun. 29 cold & hard frost at night which killed vines in the garden.

Mon. 30 Lent to Dr. Franier (?) Linds essays,a division of Pulses 2 small French volums Knox Court began.

Tues. 31 Frost at night.

November 1797.

Wed. 1 day of November 1797.

Thur. 2 cool & clear.

Fry. 3 ditto.

Sat. 4th ditto pd. Tho. N. Clarke 15 Dolls rained at night.

Sun. 5 cloudy Mrs. Simms came to town.

Mon. 6 dry weather.

Tues. 7 ditto. Tiptons & Gibsons studs run Gibsons beat 18 inches.

Wed. 8 dry & clear, Sims & wife wt home.

Thurs. 9 clear & cool.

Fry. 10 ditto.

Sat. 11 rained in the day & after night.

Sun. 12 cloudy in morng. Col. Harrison Toby & my two horses wt home. Memo. on Wed. 8th Paddy Gynnan set in as waggoner for 1 month for 10 dolls.

Mon. 13 clear &c.

Tues. 14 ditto.

Wed. 15 pd Matthew 70 dollars. for Isaac Taylor (?).

Thur. 16 rained.

Fry. 17 Cloud.

Sat. 18 cloudy & cool.

Sun. 19 rained a little in the night.

Mon. 20 pd. Joseph Hardin Junr. for Isaac Taylor (?) 25/8.

Tues. 21 cold.

Wed. 22 rained in the day & night.

Thurs. 23 Rained river raised 6 Feet.

Fry. 24 cloudy.

Sat. 25 cloudy pd. P. Grinnon a Difft times 6 dolls.

Sun. 26 cloudy. & like for snow.

Mon. 27 cloudy & some Flying snow.

Tues. 28 hard frost.

Wed. 29 Fine pleasant day.

Thurs. 30 very fine day.

 p244  December 1797.

Fry. 1 december. Majr. Phelen (?) arvd.

Sat. 2 Fair patrick Grinan 1 dollar.

Sun. 3 rained in day & snowed at night David Stuart began to boar.

Mon. 4 very cold, & cloudy waggon set off to P. Grove.

Tues 5 ditto very cold Cloudy. pd. Farmwault & Co. 144 dollars & due yet 143. 5/6 dollars.

Wed. 6 very cold.

Thur. 7 some more moderate and general muster Memo. pd. William out of a settlement with A. Cunningham 6 dols. Mr. D. Stuart & negro Jack set out for Jonesbro.

Fry. 8 more moderate, rained in the day & snowed in the night.

Sat. 9 snowed in the morning (Very cold).

Sun. 10th more moderate.

Mon. 11 very cloudy a little rain in night.

Tues. 12 granted a pardon for Wm. Sutherland who was condemned for stealing 2 negroes the property of Cap. Dannahoo. Cloudy & some rain.

Wed. 13 was at a dance at Mr. Gordons.

Thur. 14 very warm day, heavy rain at night.

Fry. 15 rained in the morning. (warm) Mr. & Mrs. Campble set out for Tellico & Daughter Polly went with them.

Sat. 16 cold.

Sun. 17 ditto.

Mon. 18 ditto.

Tues. 19 ditto.

Wed. 20 ditto.

Thur. 21 cloudy.

Fry. 22 rained.

Sat. 23 cold & clear.

Sun. 24 cold — myself Mrs. Sevier Joana &Betsy & Majr. Elholm set out for Tellico — lodged all night at Bartletts mill.

Mon. 25 (cold) set out early Brak. at Mariesville & arrived at Tellico in the eveng & rained in the night.

Tues. 26 rained & cold.

Wed. 27 clear & cold.

Thur. 28 we set out for home tarried all night in Mariesville.

Fry. 29 cold — We came home in the evening.

Sat. 30 Some more moderate killed fatedº Hoggs.

Sun. 31 rained & warm.

The Editor's Notes:

105 The punishment for larceny of a horse, mare or gelding, for the first offense, was the infliction of not exceeding thirty-nine lashes on the bare back, imprisonment, at the discretion of the court, for not less than six months nor more than two years, being made to sit in the pillory two hours on three different days, being rendered infamous, and being branded with the letters H. T. in such manner and on such part of his person as the court should direct; and, for the second offense, he should suffer death without benefit of clergy.

[decorative delimiter]

106 So far as we have been able to ascertain, this was Sevier's only visit to the Cumberland settlement; and nowhere else than in this diary is it recorded.

[decorative delimiter]

107 See Appendix, page 265.

[decorative delimiter]

108 Campbell's was in the southwestern part of Knox County.

[decorative delimiter]

109 South West Point, the former name for Kingston, the county seat of Roane County, where the Clinch River flows into the Tennessee.

[decorative delimiter]

110 Crab Orchard, a gap in the Crab Orchard Mountains, Cumberland County, through which came a stream of immigration of the pioneers. Sevier's route here was northwestwardly through the present county of Cumberland to the old Wilderness Road and along this road through Overton and Jackson counties.

[decorative delimiter]

111a 111b Fort Blount stood on the northern bank of the Cumberland, in Jackson County, on the old Wilderness Road leading to the settlement at Nashville. It was established in 1794 for the protection of travelers against the Indians, who disputed the right of the white people to use this thoroughfare without compensation to them. (See "The Old Road," by W. E. McElwee, American Historical Magazine, October, 1903.)

[decorative delimiter]

112 Peter Turney was a brother of Hopkins L. Turney, who was United States Senator from Tennessee, 1845‑1851, and father of Chief Justiceº and Governor Peter Turney.

[decorative delimiter]

113 The route from Fort Blount to Nashville was the old road, begun in 1787. It ran westwardly through Jackson County, the northern part of Smith County, the present county of Trousdale, Sumner County, past the site of Gallatin, then followed closely the present Nashville and Gallatin turnpike to Nashville. Goose Creek rises in Macon County and flows southwardly through Trousdale into the Cumberland River.

[decorative delimiter]

114 Bledsoe's Lick, now Castalian Springs, the site of a prehistoric village and graveyard, near sulphur springs, the rendezvous of wild animals and Indians. Here, in 1779, Thomas Sharp Spencer raised the first crop of corn in Middle Tennessee and lived for one winter in a large hollow sycamore. Here in 1784 Anthony Bledsoe settled upon his famous "Greenfield grant" of 6,280 acres. He was killed there by Indians on July 20, 1788. About the same year, 1784, his brother, Isaac Bledsoe, settled near by. He was killed there by Indians on April 9, 1793. Both were distinguished and heroic. Their descendants include many illustrious people. (See Cisco's "Historic Sumner County.")

Thayer's Note: "Bledsoe's Lick, now Castalian Springs"! A most amazing transformation by which, for the sake of a commendatory name attached to someone else's history, a diverse swath of legitimate American history was shoved aside; there is no end to pretentiousness. The original Castalian Spring after which this Tennessee watering-hole was genteelly renamed, out of any context with anything, is of course the spring of the god Apollo hard by the ancient Greek sanctuary of Delphi: see the page at Livius.

[decorative delimiter]

115 General James Winchester (1752‑1826), a native of Maryland and a Revolutionary officer, moved to Sumner County in 1785; lived at "Cragfont," on Bledsoe's Creek, two miles west of Bledsoe's Lick. He was a colleague of Sevier in the Territorial Council, 1794‑96. He was speaker of the senate of the first General Assembly, commander of the left wing, Army of the Northwest, War of 1812‑15, and with one of the founders of Memphis.

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116 Col. Edward Douglass, a native of Virginia, and an officer in the Revolution, settled in 1785 on Station Camp Creek, a few miles from Gallatin. He was at this time a member of the state senate.

[decorative delimiter]

117 William Terrel Lewis, a native of North Carolina. He was father-in‑law of Major Wm. B. Lewis, the devoted friend of Andrew Jackson. Their home was "Fairfield," now in the southeastern part of Nashville. The residence was destroyed for the building of the Lipscomb Public School.

[decorative delimiter]

118 Judge John McNairy was then United States District Judge. His home was near the present corner of Jefferson Street and Ninth Avenue, North.

[decorative delimiter]

119 Joel Lewis was senator from Davidson County in the first and third general assemblies. He was also a member of the Constitutional Convention of 1796.

[decorative delimiter]

120 It thrills one to imagine that evening — May 15, 1797 — spent with James Robertson. Together in Robertson's home near the Cumberland, Sevier and Robertson must have recalled many heroic events in which they took part. The prophecy uttered by Robertson in 1779 to Sevier, upon his departure from Watauga, had been fulfilled, "We are the advance guard of civilization and our way is across the continent."

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121 James Foster was one of the signers of the Cumberland Compact; but this host to the Governor was probably Robert C. Foster, father of Ephraim H. Foster a great lawyer and United States senator.

[decorative delimiter]

122 Benjamin Hawkins and Andrew Pickens were two of the commissioners who in 1785, at Hopewell, S. C., negotiated in behalf of the Federal government the Treaty of Hopewell. Under this and a subsequent treaty of confirmation the Cherokees and Chickasaws ceded all claim to all the land in Tennessee south of the Cumberland River for many miles.

[decorative delimiter]

123 Col. Robert Hayes, at old Haysborough on the Cumberland, about eight miles northeast of Nashville. The wife of Col. Hays was a daughter of Col. John Donelson and a sister of Mrs. Andrew Jackson.

[decorative delimiter]

124 General Daniel Smith (1748‑1818) whose famous home, "Rock Castle," still stands near Hendersonville, in Sumner County — an accomplished civil engineer; commissioner for Virginia in running the northern boundary line of Tennessee; secretary of the Southwest Territory; United States Senator, 1798‑99, 1805‑09; author of a geography of Tennessee, containing the first map of the State made from actual surveys.

[decorative delimiter]

125 James Park. He was mayor of Knoxville, 1818‑'21; 1824‑'26.

[decorative delimiter]

126 Tellico Block House, in Blount County, a noted place for making of treaties with Cherokees. Here was the council house of the nation.

[decorative delimiter]

127 Probably Alexander Outlaw, 1738‑1825, characterized by Caldwell (p65) as "one of the best and purest, as well as one of the ablest men of his time in Tennessee"; a native of Duplin County, North Carolina, well educated; took an active part in the formation of the State of Franklin; member from Jefferson County in the Constitutional Convention of 1796; representative in first general assembly; state senator, 1799, 1801; speaker of the senate, 1799. He was the father-in‑law of four well-known men of that time — Judge Joseph Anderson, Joseph Hamilton, Paul McDermott, and Judge David Campbell.

[decorative delimiter]

128 Marriage of Ruth Sevier, the sixth daughter, to Capt. Richard Sparks, June 29, 1797. Her second husband was Daniel Vertner. An interesting sketch of her and Capt. Sparks is found on page 204 of Heiskell's "Andrew Jackson and Early Tennessee History."

[decorative delimiter]

129 General Charles McDowell commanded the one hundred and sixty men from the counties of Burke and Rutherford, North Carolina, in the Battle of King's Mountain.

[decorative delimiter]

130 Sevier does not mention his election on this day — August 3, 1797 — as governor for the second time.

[decorative delimiter]

131 Arthur Crozier. Later, 1851‑1855, an Arthur Crozier was comptroller of the State of Tennessee. The Croziers were prominent people at Knoxville. John Crozier was a leading pro-Southern man at Knoxville in 1860, violently hostile to W. G. Brownlow. D

Thayer's Note:

a Lind, James, 1716-1794, Scottish naval surgeon, the man who discovered how to preserve citrus juice so that the British navy could get its vitamin C. The conclusions of his research, though recognized at the time, were only adopted 40 years later (bureaucracies move slowly) and immediately made scurvy a thing of the past. He wrote several books, among which two that were much reprinted: An Essay on Preserving the Health of Seamen in the Royal Navy (1757) and Essay on Diseases Incidental to Europeans in Hot Climates (1768); the latter must surely have been the one lent by Sevier to Dr. Franier.

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