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This webpage reproduces a section of
The Journal

John Sevier

published in Vols. V and VI
of the Tennessee Historical Magazine,

The text is in the public domain.

This page has been carefully proofread
and I believe it to be free of errors.
If you find a mistake though, please let me know!


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John Sevier's Journal

Vol. VI
Jan. 1811.

. . . . . .


Sat. 12 . . . Memo. Take three small balls of spiders webb for three mornings running in Lyquor or Tea is a sure cure for fever & ague or dumb ague. . . .

. . . . . .

November, 1811.

. . . . . .

Fry. 8 I took my seat in House of Rep.171 (rained) took lodging at Rhodes Hotel. Hack hire 3/.

. . . . . .

Sun. 10. . . . Viewed the Bridge leading cross the Potomac to Alexandria.

Mon. 11 The House met at 11 o'clock. . . . Wrote letters to Gov. Blount A. Rhea, McCary, Geo. Willson inclosing the Presidents message to him to be published — to James Sevier — all dated 7th inst. and sent on by this days mail. Recd from his Excellency Gov. Blount introductory letter to the Honorable Henry Clay, Wm. Blackledge, Tho. Blount, and the Honble Mr. Roan from Virginia. These letters I received from Gov. Blount before I started from Knoxville.

. . . . . .

Tues. 19. The house met at 11 oclock I drew this day from the bank 150 dollars out of my mileage or wages as member. . . .

Wed. 20 . . . House met at 11 oclock and adjourned early. I went with a number of other members to the (?) Tavern in Georgetown to see a show of animals and home made cloth &c. . . .

December, 1811.


Thurs. 5 . . . Memo. (Gravel) Take three drachms of powdered niter and dissolve in a quart of cold water and take half this quantity in the course of a day and the painful complaint will be dislodged. It may be taken at any hour, but it is best after a meal. The greatest martyrs to this disorder have been cured by this simple medicine — (It is the Gravel).

. . . . . .

Sat. 21 Dined with President Madison, the guests were, the French minister, (?), the French Consul General, Vice President,  p42 Mr. Clay, the Speaker, Gov. Holmes, Judge Taylor, (?) Cox, Mr. Tait from Georgia, and others with General Granger &c.

. . . . . .

Mon. 23. Cloudy morng. I went to House dispatched letters to Messrs John White, Jno. Russell, Alex G. Sevier, Val.º Sevier, John Sevier, Archa Rutherford, H. Dunlop, and Mrs. Sevier, and McClellon (dated yesterday), and James Sevier. . . .

Tues. 24 Very cold and windy day — House adjourned till Thursday.

Wed. 25 (Christmas) Self, my friends Gregg, McCoy, and Genl. Germaine visited the French minister.

Wednesday (Christmas) wrote letter to Mrs. Sevier enclosing a ten dollar bank of Washington (bill) no. 118 dated 1 Jany, 1820º — signed Danl Carol of (?) president — L. Elliot, Junr. cashier. Mrs. Seviers letter was enclosed with one to John Armstrong D. post master at Knoxville. . . .

. . . . . .

Mon. 30 Spent the evening with the French minister — Settled with washer woman, paid her up to this day 9/.

The Editor's Note:

171 In 1811 Sevier succeeded Pleasant M. Miller as representative in Congress from the Hamilton District and served until his death in 1815. He was a member of the Committee on Military Affairs. The old hero and commonwealth builder must have been a notable figure and probably attracted great attention while in Congress. From this point the journal abounds in quaint and curious entries. Most of the names and incidents of a public character mentioned are generally familiar, so that it is not deemed necessary to continue the annotations. It will be noticed that Sevier was frequently the guest of President Madison and of the French minister; and that he was a pall bearer at the funerals of Vice-Presidents George Clinton and Elbridge Gerry.

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