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Almira, Virginia

A hamlet in southwestern Virginia: 37°09N, 82°38W. Estimated population: 20.

[image ALT: A wide grass clearing or lawn with a large wooden frame house on a slight mound to the right, and some weathered wooden sheds on the far left; against a background of rising woods. It is a partial view of the central area of Almira, Virginia (central eastern United States).]

A house and its sheds in the central area of the hamlet.

Almira is a small group of houses now within the jurisdiction of Pound, Virginia about 4 km SE. Named for a friend by a U. S. postmaster about a hundred years ago, the town was established, according to a little sign as you step off into it from Highway 23, in 1902. Today, Almira is about a dozen modest houses, a veterinary clinic, and the church you see below. Follow the road (VA 630) up the mountain and you'll find yourself at the foot of the Austin Gap loop, a trail connecting with the scenic Pine Mountain Trail.

[image ALT: A low brick church with a small wooden steeple, set in rolling forested countryside. It is the Lone Pine Chapel in Almira, Virginia (central eastern United States).]

The Lone Pine Chapel, founded in 1938.

The gentle reader mustn't get the idea I know the community well. One sunny November day, on a walk from Jenkins over the Kentucky state line thru Pound Gap, Almira happened to be a good place for me to turn around and . . . hike back. Some slight additional feel for the place, with one more photograph, may be got though from the brief entry in my diary, Nov. 19, 2005.

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