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Aedes Lunae

Article on p320 of

Samuel Ball Platner (as completed and revised by Thomas Ashby):
A Topographical Dictionary of Ancient Rome,
London: Oxford University Press, 1929.

Luna, aedes (templum, Auct. de vir. ill. cit.): a temple on the Aventine, ascribed by tradition to Servius Tullius (Tac. Ann. XV.41), but first mentioned in connection with the prodigia of 182 B.C. (Liv. XL.2.2) when a fierce gale tore off one of its doors and carried it to the rear wall of the temple of Ceres. This statement, together with certain details in accounts of the flight of Gracchus (Oros. V.12.8; Auct. de vir. ill. 65), makes it probable that the temple stood at the extreme northern point of the Aventine, just above the porta Trigemina. It was struck by lightning at the time of Cinna's death (App. B. C. I.78: τὸ τῆς Σελήνης . . . ἱερόν); after the destruction of Corinth Mummius dedicated some of the spoils from that city in this temple (Vitruv. V.5.8); it was burned in the great fire of Nero (Tac. Ann. XV.41); and is not mentioned afterwards. The day of its dedication was 31st March (Ov. Fast. III.883; Fast. Caer. Praen. ad pr. Kal. Mart., CIL I2 p212, 234, 314). The identification of this temple with that of Sol et Luna is untenable; see Rosch. IV.1140. (For the literature of the discussion as to the site of this temple, see Rosch. II.2154‑2155; Merlin 98‑99; 194‑195; WR 316; HJ 1606‑161; Gilb. II.250‑253.)

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