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The Amphitheatre of Milan

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As you can see, there's nothing much left of it; in fact, it was almost impossible to find, and completely impossible to visit.

A very small wedge of the seating remains, with no actual seats: we're looking at it here from the north, but it is sunk beneath the level of the surrounding grass. Of the cavea, as far as I could make out, merely a hole in the ground with one or two walls. A satellite view by Google is more informative — see Jona Lendering's listing of satellite views of ancient remains in Italy — and shows this same little patch of ruins quite clearly, at the north of the map.

The picture isn't meant to be artsy, by the way: it was the least obstructed shot I could take, poking my camera thru the garden fence of an apartment complex. Here is a brief diary account of my expedition to the amphitheatre of Milan. . . . (If you have better information on the amphitheatre itself or can arrange me a visit, please drop me a line.)

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