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Churches of the Marche

[image ALT: A fortress-like almost windowless stone church with an octagonal lantern, on a grassy knoll in a mountainous landscape. It is the Romanesque church, in the Byzantine style, of S. Vittore alle Chiuse near Genga (Ancona province, Italy).]

S. Vittore alle Chiuse, near Genga (Ancona province)

[image ALT: The cathedral of Ancona]

[image ALT: A fresco depicting for the most part five men sitting amidst some rocks, asleep. It is a small detail of the Cappellone in the church of S. Nicola in Tolentino, Marche (central Italy).]

1 church, 8 pages, 8 photos

[image ALT: A small Romanesque stone church with a sloping roof, a single arched door with a blocked two-lancet window over it; and in the rear, a short belfry. It is the church of S. Croce in Apecchio in the Marche (central Italy).]

3 pages, 1 church, 7 photos

[image ALT: A fairly large stone church with a very wide façade yet only one small arched door. Over it, a rose window; towards the rear of the building, to the left, a large square tower with a disproportionately large square opening. It is the church of S. Vittore in Ascoli Piceno in the Marche (central Italy).]
Ascoli Piceno

[image ALT: A view of the interior of a church. It is the nave of the church of S. Maria della Misericordia, in Cagli, Marche (central Italy)]

1 page, 10 churches, 10 photos

[image ALT: In a hollow at the foot of a number of tall hills, a town can be glimpsed from the massive bulk of a complex of church buildings that includes an octagonal cupola toward the center and a three-story belfry to the right. It is the collegiate church of S. Giovanni Battista in Cantiano in the Marche (central Italy).]

[image ALT: A triangular brick pediment, essentially unornamented. It is the upper part of the façade of the church of the Guardian Angel, in Calcinelli di Saltara, Marche (central Italy)]
Colli al Metauro

1 page, 1 church, 2 photos

[image ALT: A rustic square stone building in a field; it is built of alternating courses of stone and brick, and has a rectangular door surmounted by a small rectangular window. It is in fact an unidentified church in Fabriano in the Marche (central Italy).]

1 page, 7 churches, 7 photos

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Falconara Marittima

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Fonte Avellana

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[image ALT: The interior of a very large late‑18c church, looking toward the altar. We see a wide central aisle separated from lateral aisles on either side by arches supported on pairs of columns with Ionic capitals. Over the altar, a large apsidal fresco. It is the cathedral of Macerata, a city in the Marche (central Italy).]

2 pages, 6 churches, 8 photos

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S. Severino Marche

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S. Vincenzo al Furlo

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