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Edicole of Pitigliano

[image ALT: A path thru two steep rock faces some 10 meters tall. The rock face on the left has fallen over the path, and is precariously held in place by the other. A grilled niche in it includes a fresco, apparently of St. Joseph. It is an edicola, or wayside shrine, in the Via Cava S. Giuseppe, near Pitigliano, Tuscany (central Italy).]

And someone actually crawled up and put fresh flowers there; once, at any rate.

[image ALT: A modern statue of the Virgin Mary, standing atop a column; it is encased in a glass or Plexiglas shelter and is situated in a small garden plot. It is a partial view of a madonnina at Otricoli, Umbria (central Italy).]
Via Cava Frantenuti
2/22/07 — 1 photo

[image ALT: zzz. It is a detail of a wayside shrine in Via Cava S. Giuseppe near Pitigliano, Tuscany (central Italy).]
Via Cava S. Giuseppe

12/2/98 — 1 photo

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