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Tuscany: the 10 Provinces

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A map of Tuscany, showing the 10 provinces.

The map above shows you the ten official subdivisions of the "autonomous region" of Tuscany. (If you are from a federal country like Germany, Switzerland, or the United States, don't be misled, though: despite recent projects or noises in the Italian political arena, Italy is not a federal republic, and both regions and provinces are mere administrative divisions with rather little actual autonomy. The provinces correspond in size and function to the counties of an American state.)

Each of the 10 provinces on the map will eventually link to an orientation page taking the mapping one level lower, to the towns. Currently (Mar 09), most of the provinces are still inactive — this is all still a work in progress.

The province of Grosseto is colored a deeper green: it's the one I know best, partly by happenstance, partly because of its Etruscan remains. Even where I may not have got round to writing an in-depth site, the orientation page also links to my diary, where there is often a fair amount of additional information and photos.

The provinces colored light green, well, I've been thru them and visited a place or two, but don't know well at all. Correspondingly less walking and fewer pictures, and a much patchier quality to the site. Here too though, there will be a link to my diary, with maybe a bit more information and a couple more photos.

The provinces in the palest green, I've never been to at all, or at least not as an adult with a good camera.

But whether I've been there or not, each orientation page includes an index of other people's sites. Since almost none of those other sites link to each other, this makes the map in front of you a good source for sorting out the morass of sites out there. 
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