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Faggeto: Finding the Etruscan Tomb

Your best approach will be from Umbertide [a map marker] to the N, or Perugia [a map marker] to the S; most practically, after that, from Pierantonio [a map marker] — between the two on the E45; and from there an easy, wide road (in brown on my map) wends you SW to the village of S. Giovanni del Pantano, marked [a map marker], which is the real start of your adventure.

Your next step is to take the little road to the cemetery, then — I trust you've started zooming in on my map — keep on going, eventually turning north. "At a certain point", as some helpful soul in S. Giovanni will have told you, you turn left; this is your turn:

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If you don't turn here — marked private property, and strictly forbidden — you will get lost; take it from someone who's been there. I was told later that while such do not enter signs dot the Umbrian landscape they are often themselves not legal, the roads in question being public thoroughfares; I can't confirm that, either generally or in the case of this particular road.

You know you're in the right place when you see this:

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Take my word for it: this is a front-on view of our Etruscan tomb from not very far away.

If that's not quite as helpful as you'd hoped, you're looking for this logging trail:

[image ALT: missingALT]

Shortly after this, you should be on foot; a car can't get thru. If you're really lucky, you will see this welcome sight:

[image ALT: missingALT]

After a bumpy ride up some fairly steep gradients, you've arrived.

[image ALT: missingALT]

The Tomba del Faggeto: Etruscan, 2c B.C., and miles from anywhere;
my warm thanks to Mr. Andrea Baglioni, without whom I still wouldn't have seen it.

If I ever get back to this place, I will bring a hand-held GPS — not available to me within my budget at 2004 prices — and post the exact location here. If you are at all interested in things Etruscan, it's well worth it, as you'll see on the next page.

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