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[image ALT: An arched gateway, enough to squeeze a small car thru, in a stone wall, with a small rectangular plaque over it. It is the town gate of Usigni, Umbria (central Italy).]

The gate of Usigni,
at the S entrance to the town.

The plaque over the archway was carved, in concrete as far as I can tell, in the late twentieth century. It either duplicates an original inscription, or, less likely, is a completely new creation, but imitating the style of the 16c: if so, you can tip your hat to the modern designer, who has done a very good job.

[image ALT: A rectangular concrete plaque deeply carved with a four-line inscription. It commemorates the restoration of the S gate of Usigni, Umbria (central Italy): the text is given on this page.]

· D · Ands · Stas · Nob ·
bon · gub · opt · in-
staurari · cura-
vit · A · D · 1580 ·

Dominus Andreas Stanislaus nob . . .
bonus gubernator optime
instaurari curavit
anno Domini 1580

Squire Andrea Stanislao Nob . . ., a good governor, took care to restore this very well, in the year of our Lord 1580.

Unfortunately, the one thing we want from an inscription of this type, I can't tell you: who exactly the area's governor was, who took care to repair the fortifications of Usigni (or at least the gate, since the town is no longer walled). Nob . . . is probably just Nobilis, "nobleman"; but it might be the beginning of a family name. The papal governor of Spoleto cannot be meant; in 1580 Luigi Pallavicini was succeeded by Vincenzo Bellucci. If you know more than I do, please drop me a line: innanzittutto se sei colui che scolpì la targa. . . .

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