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A Frazione of Preci

A town in E Umbria, a frazione of Preci: 42°52.1N, 13°04.1E. Altitude: 1001 m.

[image ALT: A village of some three dozen two-story houses clinging to a wooded hill in three more or less parallel rows, a bit below the summit. It is a view of the village of Acquaro in the comune of Preci, Umbria (central Italy).]

Acquaro is a very small village, a frazione of the comune of Preci. This is as close as I've got to it so far; the camera angle is deceptive: the hill between us was steep and trackless. There may be no other photograph of Acquaro online, though, and that explains this little page: someone may find it useful.

As for what I was doing clambering up this hill if I wasn't going into town, see the July 13, 2000 entry of my diary, and the other photo I took from this same spot.

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