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A Bibliography of Spello
in turn drawn in part from the source(s) *asterisked below

In the column, the aggregate extent of all references is shown as follows:
1 = entire work    2 = chapter    3 = page or two    4 = paragraph    5 = incidental mention
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Ancient Sources

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5 C. Plinius Secundus
(Pliny the Elder)
Natural History 1c AD N.H. III.xiv.113 A single passing mention of Hispellum among the towns of Regio VI Umbria.
5 Claudius Ptolemaeus
Geography 2c AD Geog. 3.1 lists Hispellum among the towns of the Umbri, at 42°30N and 35°40 East of the Blessed Isles.
    Since by Ptolemy's reckoning, Rome is at 41°40N and 36°40 East of the Blessed Isles and by modern reckoning, it is at 41°54N 12°29E, Ptolemy can be said to put Hispellum at roughly 42°44N 11°29E.
    The modern value: 43°00N 12°42E. I'm inclined to believe textual corruption for 11°42E, since a full degree of longitude off over much less than 100 miles, in a well-known central area of Italy, seems improbable.
5 Strabo Geography 1c A.D. Geog. v.2.10 mentions Hispellum in passing, as being to the left of the Via Flaminia as you travel from Rome to Ariminum. (From the chapel of the Madonna della Fiamenga on the N outskirts of Foligno, Spello is indeed about 3 Roman miles N of the Flaminia, which at this point is an E‑W road.)

Works Primarily About Spello

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Publisher & Date
1 Benigni, Costante (ed.) Spello Splendidissima * Gangemi Editore, 1994
1 Brozzi, Mario Guida di Spello Romana * Pro Spello, undated
2 Urbini, Giulio Spello, Bevagna, Montefalco Arti Grafiche di Bergamo, 1913 (also available in a recent xerostatic reprint)
Boccolini, G. Mevania Cagli, 1909
Messini, A. & Cecchini, G. Foligno, Bevagna, Montefalco, Spello, Trevi Moneta: Milan, 1964

References in More General Works

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Publisher & Date
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Italy (2d ed.)
Moorland Publishing Company: Ashbourne, Derbyshire (UK), 1994

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