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Spello: A List of Resources

Emergency Information

This list is a Jul 98 copy of the one formerly maintained by Krenet.
Unfortunately, I have no independent means of verifying it.
Hospital +39 742 651109
Ambulance +39 742 651109
Doctor on duty +39 742 689010
Pharmacy +39 742 301488
Highway Police +39 742 651221
Taxi +39 742 344280

The City Administration

For tourist information on the spot, Pro Spello is very helpful: its office is next to the church of S. Andrea.


Hotel Palazzo Bocci ****

Via Mancinelli, 2
06038 Spello (PG)
phone: +39‑742‑301515
fax: +39‑742‑651258

Expensive, but elegant: some rooms have frescoed ceilings. A rooftop terrace offers a terrific view. (The hotel is also only halfway up the hill, so that if you're staying there, you never have too far to climb at once.)

Albergo del Teatro ***

Via Giulia, 24
06038 Spello (PG)
phone: +39‑742‑301140
fax: +39‑742‑301612

Modern, conveniently located, and particularly courteous staff. (The hotel's website includes a page on Spello with a very good map.)

Hotel Altavilla ***


About a kilometer N of town on the lower slopes of Mt. Subasio.

Il Portonaccio

Via Cavour, 17
06038 Spello (PG)
phone: +39‑742‑301021
fax: +39‑742‑301464

I have never been inside this hotel, but see it well in my mind's eye: it is a small graceless rectangular concrete building in the plain, alone of all the hotels in being well outside the walls of the old town, in a location far from all the sights, and convenient only to parking.

Hotel La Bastiglia ***

Via Dei Molini, 17
06038 Spello (PG)
phone: +39‑742‑651277
fax: +39‑742‑651277

Attractively located at Spello's "back door". Best place to stay if you're a bicyclist or walker. The restaurant has a very pleasant terrace, and a particularly cozy and attractive indoors room. A (partial) view from the terrace, taken by a bicyclist guest in fact, can be found here.

Vacation Apartment Rentals

I know of 4 rental concerns, each run by an individual or family. In alphabetical order. Any links in the first column are to their own websites; in the second, to their e‑mail addresses.

Mr Walter Zurlo
Via Giulia, 66/68
06038 Spello (PG)
phone: (0)(742) 301.145
fax: (0)(742) 301.577
cellphone: (0)(339) 343.40.19

In the fall of 1997, I rented an apartment from Mr Zurlo for two months, because he was the only one I knew of, since he was on the Web and the others were apparently not. I was a repeat customer for 3 months in 1998.

Diary entry: 8/30/97


Mrs Elisabetta Mancini
Via Giulia, 74
06038 Spello (PG)
phone: (0)(742) 301.690
fax: (0)(742) 652.633

Residenza La Terrazza
Residenza Sant' Iacopo

Largo G. Mazzini, 8
06038 Spello (PG)
phone: (0)(742) 301.003

A few large modern apartments in the center of town, over the Ristorante Il Pinturicchio and under the same management. In the summer of 2000, I stayed 2 nights in one of them.

Diary entry: 8/17/00

As for the restaurant — closed Tuesdays — I once considered it the best in Spello, and even one of the 5 best in Umbria, yet averagely priced: there are very many happy references to it thruout my diary. In 1998, it was very good; and in 2000, it was better still. Unfortunately, in 2002 the restaurant was farmed out to new managers and it declined markedly.

Agriturismo (Rural Bed & Breakfasts)

There are a number of agriturismi nearby; a photo of one of them, Le Due Torri, can be seen here.

How to Get There

Spello is just off the SS75 highway from Foligno to Perugia; it is a stop on the train line (Ferrovie dello Stato) from Terni to Perugia via Foligno. There is no major bus line.


Specialty wine store: Enoteca di Properzio (the page linked is a good map of most of downtown Spello)

and remember. . .

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