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A List of Saints
Probably Not the Titular Saint
of S. Claudio di Spello

Martyr St. Claudius Stratelates
"He was the son of Ptolemy, brother of Emperor Numerian. He was relegated to Ansuna to the governor Arianus, who tried to win him over with worldly possessions, but when his endeavors failed, he lost his temper and slew the saint with a javelin."
Feast: Paoni 11 (Coptic Calendar)
Source: a webpage at Encyclopedia Coptica, now vanished

(St.?) Claudius
A scrap of parchment, P.Duk.inv. 238, formerly Duke Coptic MS. 11, said to pertain to a 3c St. Victor (a general) and to Theodorus Stratelates, mentions Victor from Antiochia, Claudius from Egypt and the tomb of Theodoros from Antiochia. Some phenomenally clear photographs are just a click away, in which if your Coptic is good, you can read it all clearly. In fact, you need not have Coptic to make out Klaudios towards the bottom of the left column of 238r. Note at any rate that this primary evidence seems to form a bridge between the preceding and the next.
Source: Duke Papyrus Archive

St. Claudius of Antioch
Source: St. Shenouda Coptic Archive (the entire website now vanished)

Claudius, bishop of Besançon (7c)
(Feast: June 6 or 7)

SS. Claudius, Lupercus, & Victorius
Three brothers, sons of the centurion Saint Marcellus. Martyred c. 300 at León, Spain, under Diocletian. They are the titular saints of S. Clodio near Quiroga in Galicia, one of the earliest Benedictine abbeys in Spain.
Feast: October 30
Source: CatholicSaints.info
This is probably the most likely on this page; but the church of S. Claudio was a dependency of the Camaldolese abbey of S. Silvestro near Collepino. Does this lend credence to a Benedictine saint, whether this one or the next?

St. Claudius Martin
Source: Order of Saint Benedict: Benedictine Saints
Further information about this saint on p203 of A Benedictine Martyrology, a revision of Rev. Peter Lechner's Ausführliches Martyrologium des Benedictiner-Ordens und seiner Verzweigungen by Alexius Hoffmann, O.S.B. (Collegeville, MN: St. John's Abbey, 1922).

S. Claude de la Colombière
Source: Catholic Encyclopedia
(later than this church, and not canonized until the late 20c)

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