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S. Emiliano's Cathedral

[image ALT: The three-lobed apse of a church, with blind arcading supported on small corbels in the shape of human heads. It is the church of S. Emiliano in Trevi (Umbria).]

Dating in its present form to the 13c, but much older.
Here, the apse with a bit of handsome blind arcading.

What with earthquakes in 1997 then repair work in 1998 and 2000, it took me until 2004 to see the inside of the church. For now, onsite, just the outside:

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First, the lions. The titular saint of this church was an Armenian who, according to a 5c‑6c account, stared down lions, but was ultimately beaten to death strapped to a tree. Read all about it.

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Then a rather difficult Roman inscription: probably a piece of the tombstone of a man who served in the municipal government in various nearby towns, but seems to have retired in Trebiae, maybe because it was more convenient and closer to good roads and the amenities of life.

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