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S. Cassiano di Umbertide

The Interior

[image ALT: The interior of a two‑story-tall vaulted rectangular stone church, with arches on either side and the altar in front of us, with behind it a cul-de‑four choir with a single narrow axial lancet window. It is a partial view of the interior of the church of S. Cassiano near Umbertide, Umbria (central Italy).]

Most of what we see here is modern, including the brick pavement and the "Franciscan-style" wood truss ceiling, commonly added in the 20c restoration of churches thruout Umbria, whether it was the original style or not. Modern, at least on the surface: I'd dearly like to see what lies beneath the paint and plaster. The choir area is bare stone, however.

[image ALT: A painting of Jesus crucified, framed in a painted rounded classical pediment. To his right, a robed monk is standing, his hands marked by stigmata, holding a small cross. To his left, an old man with a long flowing beard, naked to the waist, is kneeling. A cardinal's hat hangs awkwardly between him and the Cross, and a small lion can be seen lying down beneath it. It is a fresco of the Crucifixion in the church of S. Cassiano near Umbertide, Umbria (central Italy).]

[image ALT: A painting of the Virgin Mary, seated in a throne-like chair and holding the Baby Jesus. To her left, an older woman, standing, with a larger baby, depicted awkwardly large, and behind her to her right, leaning on the back of her chair, a bearded old man. The composition is framed in a painted triangular classical pediment. It is a fresco in the church of S. Cassiano near Umbertide, Umbria (central Italy).]

Crucifixion with SS. Francis (notice the stigmata) and Jerome (his cardinal's hat and his lion) (see also detail).

Madonna and Child with St. Elizabeth and John the Baptist; St. Joseph brooding in the background.

These two frescoes, very likely late 16c, are the only old art I saw in the church.

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