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S. Sebastiano di Valfabbrica

[image ALT: A 2‑story building with a tiled façade, with an arched door and a small round window at some distance above it. It is a view of the church of S. Sebastiano in Valfabbrica, Umbria (central Italy).]

S. Sebastian is Valfabbrica's patron saint, and his church is said to be of the 14c. In tourist office literature, however, and further writing based on it, such dates often merely refer to the time a church was founded; nothing about this tile façade would suggest such a date. On the other hand the church sits in the heart of the Pedicino, the medieval quarter at the foot of the (now mostly vanished) castle.

A visit of the interior might settle the matter, and even surprise us: a very similar modern-looking church in Porano proved to have attractive medieval frescoes. Unfortunately, I spent all of half a weekday afternoon and a sound night's sleep in Valfabbrica, and while I was there, this church was resolutely closed.

Se sei di Valfabbrica e/o hai delle informazioni su questa chiesa, scrivimi per favore!

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