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Casteldilago (Terni province)

A town of SW Umbria, a frazione of Arrone: 42°34.7N, 12°45.8E. Altitude: 292 m. Population in 2001: 441.

[image ALT: A town of maybe 400 people, buildings and houses mostly three or four stories, draped over the top of a small hill, against a backdrop of two successively taller ridges entirely forested with pine trees. It is a view of Casteldilago, Umbria (central Italy).]

Casteldilago from the NW.

Castel di Lago — as with other Italian placenames of this type, it may be spelled in one word or broken out in several — is an attractive little town where I've spent a total of one hour of my life: enough to like it, not enough to know as much as I could; and it's a place I hope to revisit, if for no other reason than to solve a few mysteries.

And since Castel di Lago means "Castle of the Lake", the first mystery is the lake:

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As you can see, there is no lake. There's no castle, either, but any medieval town on a hill had one, and often enough the whole town, especially if walled, can be thought of — and defended — as if it had. Yet the lake does seem to have existed once, and in my brief wanderings thru the village an old lady told me about it (see my diary entry, Sept. 2, 2000).

Not so long ago (1875) an independent comune, Casteldilago is now a frazione of Arrone, which as you saw, is very near by, less than 800 meters center to center. That separate administrative existence may be what accounts for the apparent mistake on the GoogleMap, where they put its name in Colleporto and Isola; but notice the street names.

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The churches of Castelidilago seem to be interesting; as often, closed during my swing thru the town, so I only saw the exteriors: the page is filled out by a visitor 130 years before me, who writes about the interiors. Of course he must have seen the outsides too, but not a word about them.

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In the late 20c, the town gave itself a handsome collection of fountains zzz

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