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Castelviscardo (Terni province)

A town of SW Umbria: 42°46N, 12°00E. Altitude: 507 m. Population in 2003: 3100.

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The main gate and a tower of the castle.

Castelviscardo (or Castel Viscardo: both are correct) is at the remote southwest edge of Umbria, 13 km northwest of Orvieto, 8 km north of Castelgiorgio and 17 km east of Acquapendente in the northern Lazio. It is a relatively new town for Umbria, founded in the later Middle Ages, whose principal monument is the rather nice small 14‑16c castle, private property.

The area has a number of Etruscan tombs, with small necropoli at Le Callane and Conventaccio. There ought to be Roman remains as well, since both the Via Cassia and the Via Traiana Nova crossed the territory of the comune, but I'm not aware of any.

A proper website will eventually appear here, since I've been to Castelviscardo once, if briefly — not counting a trip thru it without stopping on a school bus wending its way in endless loops of countryside around Orvieto one afternoon. In the meanwhile, you may find it somewhat useful to read my account of the place in the Sept. 10, 2000 entry of my diary, which includes one more photo; for a bit more information, see the sites linked below.


Like most of the comuni in Italy, Castelviscardo includes in its territory some smaller towns and hamlets, of a few hundred inhabitants if that, with a certain administrative identity of their own: as elsewhere in Italy, these are referred to as the frazioni of the comune (singular: frazione, literally a "fraction"): a complete list of them follows.

Borgata • Le Prese • Monterubiaglio • Pianlungo • Viceno

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