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This page reproduces part of
Indice-Guida dei Monumenti . . . dell' Umbria

Mariano Guardabassi

published by G. Boncompagni & Co.,
Perugia, 1872

The original Italian text is in the public domain.
This English translation, however, and any color photographs are
© William P. Thayer.

This page has been carefully proofread
and I believe it to be free of errors.
If you find a mistake though,
please let me know!

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Castel St. Felice

 p41  Casteldilago

Church of S. Francesco

Interior. Main altar: Ciborium with handsome wood carving; the central panel has a painting of Mary holding the Redeemer, and in the two side vignettes, two angels in adoration; 15c.

 p42  Church of S. Nicola
(just outside the town)

[image ALT: The tiled roof, sloping at about 25°, of a small building, extending offscreen to our right. Toward the left, the end of the roof is marked by a simple open belfry no more than 2 meters tall, with a single bell. In the distance, the top of a wooded hill can be made out. It is the church of S. Nicola in Casteldilago, Umbria (central Italy).]

The church of S. Nicola: at sunset, the open belfry.

Interior. The side and front walls are covered with the following Frescos: L: I: Mary seated with Jesus and beneath them, on the L: St. Sebastian, on the R: St. Rocco; school of Lo Spagna. II: Mary enthroned with her Divine Son, on the L: St. Valentine, and on the R St. Rocco; attributable to Lo Spagna, bearing the date 1525. III: Our Lady enthroned with Jesus; bearing the date 1522; school of Perugia. IV: St. Augustine. V: St. Rocco. VI: St. Augustine. VII: St. Sebastian; these too are works by pupils of Lo Spagna. The wall of the chancel is taken up by a large apse with various Frescos beautiful enough to be attributable to Lo Spagna. On the archivolt God in His glory. On the wall beneath, in the center, Mary and Jesus enthroned; on the L: Sts. Sebastian, Augustine and St. John the Apostle; on the R St. Valentine, St. Anthony and St. Rocco; a work of unusual interest because it was not finished, and thus demonstrates the method followed by these masters in executing such works. R wall of the church: Frescos near the Altar: I: St. Rocco; II: St. Sebastian; III: St. Valentine; IV: St. Rocco; school of Lo Spagna.

Church of S. Valentino

[image ALT: A small but massive building about 8 meters tall, with a pedimented square façade of for the most part neatly squared stone. It has a single central door with a simple unsculptured tympanum; above the door, a small round window. To the left and right, bits of building, lower and less well finished, stick out slightly from behind the façade; and the the viewer's left, the main body of the building is surmounted by a small rectangular open belfry next the the pediment. a pair of small cypresses on either side of the door complete the picture. It is the church of S. Valentino in Casteldilago, Umbria (central Italy).]

The church of S. Valentino, at the top of the town.

Interior. L altar wall: Oil on canvas: Our Lady of the Rosary with the fifteen Mysteries; in the manner of the Alfani family. R altar wall, Oil on canvas: Mary enthroned with Jesus, and with them St. Anne, St. Peter Martyr and St. Charles; beneath, the inscription Ciprianus de Divinis a Sanseverino 1636.

Reliquary casket with twelve vignettes executed in enamelled glass; 15c. On the two inner faces: L: I: The Annunciation; II: Mary meets St. Anne [i.e., the Visitation]; III: The Epiphany; IV: Mary enthroned with the Holy Child with St. Francis of Assisi on the R and St. Clare on the L; V: The Manger; VI: The Circumcision. On the R inner face: I: Judas' kiss; II: Christ bound to the column and scourged; III: The Transfiguration; IV: The Last Supper.

Sacristy. Pastoral cross, chased, with enamel designs.

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