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Wayside Shrines of Italy

[image ALT: A grilled niche containing a fresco, apparently of St. Joseph. It is a close‑up view of an edicola, or wayside shrine, in the Via Cava S. Giuseppe, near Pitigliano, Tuscany (central Italy).]

3/29/14 — 5 edicole

[image ALT: A tiny stone 'building', about 1½ meters high, with a pitched roof, on a sstone base. It is adorned with a vase of fresh flowers and sits in the countryside. It is a roadside shrine, or edicola, in Castagnola, Umbria (central Italy).]

9/5/16 — 40 edicole


[image ALT: A flat ceramic niche, maybe 25 cm tall, depicting the Virgin Mary and the Child Jesus, affixed to a decaying wall. It is an edicola or wayside shrine in Ostia, Lazio (central Italy).]
Ostia (Lazio)
2/22/07 — 1 edicola

[image ALT: A relief carving of the head and shoulders of a mother and her baby. It is a detail of a depiction of the Madonna and Child on a roadside shrine, or madonnina, in Lucrezia, Marche (central Italy).]
Lucrezia (Marche)

2/7/07 — 1 edicola

[image ALT: zzz. It is a view of a wayside shrine to Virgin Mary in L' Aquila, Abruzzo (central Italy).]
L' Aquila (Abruzzo)
4/10/09 — 1 edicola

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