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Bill Thayer

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Opinions on this Site

Being human, I express all kinds of opinions on this site about various types of resources: websites, books, restaurants, hotels, apartment rental agencies, tourism information centers, you name it.

These opinions are mine and mine alone. More specifically, I am not speaking for the University of Chicago that hosts this site.

These opinions — the very large majority of them favorable — are intended to be helpful. I want to share with you the wonderful experiences, salute the indifferent ones in passing, and help you avoid the rare unpleasant ones.

In none of these opinions is there the slightest trace of financial interest, direct or indirect. In regard to those endeavors (few, alas!) in which I do have a financial interest, this site offers no opinion.

At the same time, it will be obvious that, if I do have an opinion about something, I must have had some personal contact with it; and sometimes, as might be expected, the better I like something, the more contact I've had with it. (Not always: there too, alas!). Anyway, I will make a good attempt at alerting you when I have this type of proximity with whatever it is I'm lauding to the skies.

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Page updated: 10 May 98