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Chapter 8

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(Loeb Classical Library edition, 1928)

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Chapter 10
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p291 IX. Elephants

Asclep. ix = Ael. XXIIIIn the branch of the elephants the leader of a single elephant is called an animal-commander p293(zoarchos), the commander of two a beast-commander (therarchos) and his command a beast-unit (therarchia), the commander of four a top‑beast-commander (epitherarchos) and his command a top‑beast-unit (epitherarchia), the commander of eight a troop-commander (ilarches), of sixteen an elephant-commander (elephantarches), of thirty‑two a wing-commander (kerarches), and of double this number a phalanx-commander (phalangarches); corresponding names will be given to each unit.41

The Loeb Editor's Note:

41 It is very doubtful if such terms as these were known outside the class-rooms of the philosophic strategists.

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