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Claudian on LacusCurtius

[image ALT: A roughly trapezoidal stone carved with two hieratic eagles. It is a capital on one of the supporting columns of the so‑called Tomb of Stilicho in the church of Sant' Ambrogio in Milan.]

A Late Antique capital from the "Tomb of Stilicho" in the church of S. Ambrogio in Milan. Although the carving is of a slightly later time than Claudian and his hero Stilicho, and the tomb may not really be Stilicho's, its cold, stylized, and very formally treated Roman imperial eagles are a good emblem of the poet's work.

The Author, the Manuscripts

As with most ancient authors, not that much is known of Claudian, and the Loeb edition's introductory material, by Maurice Platnauer, is about as good as one can get; the principal manuscripts of the poet's works are also treated there.

The Texts

As almost always, I retyped the texts rather than scanning them: not only to minimize errors prior to proofreading, but as an opportunity for me to become intimately familiar with them, an exercise which I heartily recommend. (Well-meaning attempts to get me to scan text, if success­ful, would merely turn me into some kind of machine: gambit declined.)

In the table of contents below, the items have all been completely proofread and are therefore shown on blue backgrounds; any red backgrounds would indicate that the proofreading was still incomplete. The header bar at the top of each webpage will remind you with the same color scheme. In any case, should you spot an error, please do report it, of course.

The complete extant work of Claudian is onsite.

Latin texts of most of his work are also online elsewhere: see Michael Hendry's Curculio, the index at Forum Romanum.

Edition Used

Loeb Classical Library, 2 volumes, Latin texts with facing English translation by Maurice Platnauer: Harvard University Press, 1922. The text is in the public domain.

Latin Text English Translation

De Consulatu Stilichonis:

Liber I

Liber II

Liber III

On the Consulship of Stilicho:

Book I

Book II

Book III

The Rape of Proserpine:

Book I

Book II

Book III

And on their own separate index page,
Carmina Minora: The Shorter Poems

Every line in the Latin text is marked by a local link, according to a consistent scheme; you can therefore link directly to any passage. In the English translation, the beginning of each paragraph is marked.

You can toggle back and forth from text to translation at any specific section by clicking on the nearest flag; the [Vatican flag]Latin text and the [American flag]English translation will display in separate windows. On any unproofread pages, this toggling may be absent or erratic.

Similarly, for citation purposes, the Loeb edition pagination is indicated by local links in the sourcecode.

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