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T. III, Vol. 1

Article by Louis Couve in

Daremberg & Saglio,
Dictionnaire des Antiquités Grecques et Romaines,
Librairie Hachette et Cie., Paris, 1877‑1919.

translation and © William P. Thayer

HALOTIA (Ἁλώτια). — A festival celebrated at Tegea, in the stadium, in remembrance of the capture of prisoners of war in a victory over the Lacedaemonians.1 It isº known to us from a lone passage of Pausanias.2 Schoemann and Hermann have put forth the idea that maybe Ἁλώτια was nothing but an Arcadian dialect form of Ἑλλώτια;3 the Hellotia wereº the great festival of Athena at Corinth.

The Author's Notes:

1 For the event itself, Hdt. I.66.

2 Paus. VIII.47.3.

3 Schoemann, Gr. Alterth. II 3d ed. p476; Hermann, Gr. Alterth. II, § 51.19.

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