To the Right Honourable DAVID EARL of BUCHAN Viscount Aucterhouse, Lord Cardross and Glendovachie, One of the Lords Commissioners of Police, and Lord Lieutenant of the Counties of Stirling and Clackmannan in North-Brittain.


THE Honour you have done our Family Obligeth us to make all just Acknowedgments of it : and there is no Form of Acknowledgment in our power, more worthy of Your Lordship's Acceptance, than this Dedication of the Last Work of our Honoured & Learned Father. Encouraged hereunto by the Knowledge we have of Your Lordship's Judicious Relish of universal Learning, and Sublime Virtue; we beg the Favour of Your Acceptance of it, which will very much Oblige our Family in general, and Her in particular, who is,

My Lord,

Your Lordship's

most humble Servant,




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