I cannot omit to advertise, that a Book was published not long since, Entituled, Natures Cabinet Unlockt, bearing the Name of this Authour:[1] If any man have been benefited thereby this Authour is not so ambitious as to challenge the honour thereof, as having no hand in that Work. To distinguish of true and spurious Peeces was the Originall Criticisme, and some were so handsomely counterfeited, that the Entitled Authours needed not to disclaime them. But since it is so, that either he must write himself, or Others will write for him, I know no better Prevention then to act his own part with lesse intermission of his Pen.

Books Printed for Hen. Broome
at the Gun in Ivy-Lane.

The Souls Conflict, Being Eight Sermons, six whereof were preached at Oxford.

The Queens Exchange, A Comedy, By Richard Brome.

Two Essays of Love and Marriage.

The Grand Impostor Examined, Or, the life and Triall of James Nayler.

The Souls Tournkey, Being a Conference betwixt Mr Hanum and Mr Tuke Moderator of Gr. Coll. in London.

Books now in the Presse which will shortly be extant.

The Affinity of Sacred Liturgies, By Hamon L'Estrange, Esq.

Five New Comedies which were never before publisht, By Richard Brome.

A Learned and much desired Commentary on the whole Epistle to the Philippians, By Nath. Tucker Late Preacher of the Gospel at Portsmouth.


1 [Nature's Cabinet Unlocked. Wherein is Discovered the Natural Causes of Metals, Stones, Precious Earths, Juyces, Humors, and Spirits, The Nature of Plants in general; their Affections, Parts, and Kinds in Particular", etc., published in 1657 by Edward Farnham; the author is said on the title page to be "Tho. Brown D. of Physick".]

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