Of Scithia in Europe.

The first Chapter.

THE marches and situation of Asia extending to our Sea and the River Tanais, are suche as I have shewed afore. Nowe to them that rowe backe againe downe the same river into Mæotis, on the right hand is Europe, which was directlie on th eleft side of them as they sayed up the streame: & it butteth upon the mountaine Riphey, for the same also extendeth hither. The snow which falleth continually, doth make the Countrie so untravellable, that a man is not able to see any farnesse into it. Beyond is a Countrie of verie ritch soyle, but uninhabitable notwithstanding, because the Griffons (a cruell and eger kinde of wilde Beastes) do wonderfullie love the golde, which lieth altogether discovered above the ground, and doo woonderfullie keepe it, and are verie fierce uppon them that touch it. The first men are Scithians, and of the Scithians, the first are the Arimaspians: which are reported to have but one eye a peece. From thence are the Essedons unto Mæotis. The River Buges cutteth the compase of the Lake, and the Agathyrsies, and the Sauromats, inhabite about it, who because they dwell in Cartes, are named * Hamaxobits. Then the coast that runneth out askew to the Bosphor, is inclosed betweene Pontus & Mæotis. The side toward the Lake, is possessed by the Satarches. The brest toward the Boosphor of Cimmeria, hath the Townes of Myrmecion, Panticape, Theodosia, and Hermesium.The other side toward Pontus Euxinus, is possessed by the Taurians. Above them is a Bay full of Havens, and therefore is called the fayre Haven, and it is inclosed betweene two Forelandes: whereof the one called the Rammes head, butteth against the Foreland of Cerambis, which we said before to be in Asia: and the other called ** Parthenion, hath neere unto it a towne called Cherronesus builded (if it may be beleeved) by Diana, and is verie famous for the Cave Nymphæum in the toppe thereof, hallowed to the Nymphes.


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* Which may be interpreted Cart-wonners.

** Mayden-hyll.

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