Roman Ruins in Britain

Multangular Tower

Established in AD 71 by Petillius Cerialis in his campaign against the Brigantes, York (Eboracum) became the legionary fortress for Legio IX Hispana. It later was replaced by Legio VI Victrix, which accompanied Hadrian to northern Britain in AD 122.

In his own campaign against the northern tribes, Septimius Severus made York his military base and rebuilt the earlier walls. Severus died in York in AD 211 and was succeeded by his son, Caracalla, who raised the status of the civilian settlement to that of a colonia and established it as the capital of Britannia Inferior, one of two provinces into which Britain then was divided.

The ten-sided Multangular Tower, which stands at the western corner of the fortress, was built early in the fourth century, probably by Constantine I (the Great) (the upper stonework is medieval).

To the north on Wheeldale Moor is Wade's Causeway, which contains the best preserved stretch of original Roman roadway in Britain.