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Except for the helmet, the equipment of the murmillo and secutor was the same. Both wore a loincloth and belt, the right arm protected by a manica of tied linen and the left leg by a short greave. The curved rectangular shield and straight sword that both carried were similar to those used by the Roman soldier. It is the helmet of the murmillo, with its high angular crest and broad curved brim that is so distinctive.

The murmillo usually fought the thraex, and both are depicted in these figurines from the Württembergische Landesmuseum (Stuttgart). This was the most frequent pairing in the first century AD. Later, combat between the retiarius and secutor became more common.

Reference: Das Spiel mit dem Tod: So Kämpften Roms Gladiatoren (2000) by Marcus Junkelmann.

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