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Forum of Augustus

In this detail from the Model of Rome, the high precinct wall separating the Forum of Augustus from the homes and markets of the Subura can be seen against the back of the temple, flanked on the left by the Forum of Trajan and, on the right, by the Forum of Nerva and the Temple of Peace, with the Forum of Julius in the foreground.

The main entrance from the Forum of Julius, to which the Forum of Augustus was perpendicular, may have been directly opposite the Temple of Mars Ultor. This is conjecture, however, because the southwestern half of the forum was not excavated before it was covered by the Via dell' Impero (now the Via dei Fori Imperiali), which Mussolini inaugurated in 1932. If the walls of the forum did connect with those of the Forum Julium, its shops or tabernae, which are presumed to have been behind the colonnade, may have been disrupted by the entry way.

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