Return to Temple of Mars Ultor


The high podium and marble staircase of the Temple of Mars Ultor, with a large rectangular altar in the center, and the standing columns still can be seen, as can the Arco dei Pantani to their right, the street behind it now many feet higher than the ground level of the temple.

With the dedication of the Forum of Trajan in AD 112, the number of inscriptions found in the Forum of Augustus begin to decline, which suggests that many of its functions were transferred to the new venue, although Hadrian did use the opportunity to make repairs (Historia Augusta, XIX.10). After this, there are few references to the Forum, the last notice of which was given in AD 395. It may have survived until the sack of Rome by the Visigoths in AD 410 or by the Vandals in AD 455.

This picture, which seems particularly evocative, is from the Forum of Nerva.