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In March 2004, I was living in the Italian town of Umbertide and walking around Umbria with occasional excursions outside Umbria, to Rome and elsewhere.

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The more interesting entries are on darker backgrounds.
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Among other things, a walk to Migianella de' Marchesi.
March 2
— Diary not kept —
Walks to the abbey of Montecorona and to Niccone and Montemigiano, all near Umbertide.
Brief account of the start of a trip to Rome.
An excursion to Rome.
March 6
— Diary not kept —
A walk from Magione to Corciano.
A daytrip to Città di Castello.
March 9
— Diary not kept —
A walk to Torgiano and Deruta (Umbria); a daytrip to Sansepolcro (Tuscany).
A daytrip to Perugia.
Brief account of a walk to Monte S. Maria Tiberina.
A fuller account of the walk from Sansecondo to Monte S. Maria Tiberina then Città di Castello; a walk to Montecastello di Vibio.
A walk to Pietralunga.
March 15
— Diary not kept —
A walk near Pietralunga; a daytrip to Perugia.
March 17
— Diary not kept —
A walk to some villages near Umbertide (Romeggio, Polgeto, Borgo S. Giuliana, Eremo di Montecorona); a daytrip to Foligno.
March 19
— Diary not kept —
A walk from Tuoro sul Trasimeno to Lisciano Niccone. The castle of Pierle (Tuscany).
A walk from Lisciano Niccone then Umbertide; for the first part of it actually, see the previous entry.
March 22
— Diary not kept —
A daytrip to Assisi, then the beginning of several days' excursion to Macerata and surroundings (in the Marche).
A walk from Macerata to Treia (Marche).
I get charmed by the town of Treia (Marche).
A walk from Treia to Pollenza and Sforzacosta (Marche); a brief visit to Perugia.
Side trip to a small area of Romagna: the salt flats of Cervia, the towns of Cesenatico, Savignano sul Rubicone and Sant' Arcangelo di Romagna.
March 28
— Diary not kept —
Daytrip to Brisighella and Faenza.
March 30
— Diary not kept —
A walk from Pierantonio to Umbertide, searching for an Etruscan tomb near S. Giovanni del Pantano.

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