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March 24, 1994

I'm certainly earning my keep today: what, no lunch? worked nonstop from 0900 thru to 1900 without even any food; I had to tell [. . .] that I really need food to run simultaneous for ten hours in a row. . . Dull sort of meetings, too, mostly marketing and discussions about who keeps what where why; the only fun part is that I had some pretty fast speakers.

Rather good dinner in an abysmal restaurant called Bermuda Onion at the Beau-Grenelle complex: menus 2½ feet long made of plastic strips filled with sand (get it?) with wire dummies of scuba-divers painted in prison stripes hanging from the ceiling. Loud, smoky; 2 of my Americans, while nice, are dull — the Frenchwoman, [. . .], both sharp and charming. A couple in the middle distance, both in black, who might as well have been in bed; the woman especially —

Back to the hotel, called James in Chicago, got my electrician instead; James called me back 20 minutes later, everything OK, no fires to put out, even if Boo poor girl is mizzable: James found her cowering under a dropcloth meowing plaintively when he came back home last night!

By good fortune, the World Skating Champion­ships, men's singles, on TV — I watched all I could, some very beauti­ful work, especially by a young Lithuanian who came in lower than 4th (they never said what), and a technically prodigious if typically displeasing program by Elvis Stojko who won hands down — but a quadruple toe loop, done in combination! It makes me want to learn how to skate, even a single axel at 45 might be possible; it certainly would do me tons of good, get me out of my office, give me lots of exercise and broaden my horizons: maybe I really could.

And so at some ungodly hour like 2 A.M. to sleep. Again, at least in an interpreting trip I can see the results; but there should be more to life.

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