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Until 1994, when I traveled, I'd keep a diary, but it would fizzle out towards the end of the trip. Well I started another trip diary on March 23, 1994; but this time, for some reason, I continued keeping it after I got back home; by now it includes several trips, as well as a lot of other (mostly dull) stuff. The latter I've kept for myself, the former are now on the Web.

So my diary starts with a ten-day business trip to France:

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The more interesting entries are on darker backgrounds.
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I arrive in Paris on an interpreting assignment.
I get the idea I could learn to skate.
Student demonstrations disrupt the Paris Métro.
A walk from avenue Kleber to St-Michel.
March 27
— Diary not kept —
A day with my clients.
March 29‑30
— Diary not kept —
A superb restaurant meal on the place Dauphine (on the 29th); an evening at the Comédie Française and a night walk thru Paris (on the 30th).
Report on yesterday in Nantes visiting a client, eating very well, and demonstrating with the students against the French government. I come back to Paris especially for today, since it's Good Friday and an opportunity to participate in the yearly veneration of the original Crown of Thorns in Notre-Dame cathedral.
The cheeses at Androuët, skating at Boulogne-Billancourt, and a funny incident.
I fly back to Chicago.
April 4‑30
— Diary not kept or not online —

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