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Thursday 22 April 2004

It's 11:10 P.M. and boy do I not want to write endless reams of stuff, but I'm running late.

In brief: Tuesday I wound up going to Massa Martana Stazione via FCU, and walked to Bastardo (should have been Giano but the sole hotel I had there refused to answer their phone so I had little choice). The hotel in Bastardo was very good, so it was an excuse for me to stay a second night, inserting a circular walk around Bastardo to Giano (the whole point of this walk was to go to Giano, my 85th comune of the 92), then on to Monte­falco and catch the train in Trevi and get back home to Umbertide: but this really far too ambitious and I opted to sleep in Monte­falco — the idea being to do Trevi De Planu tomorrow if the weather is good so no time actually lost (aside from my inserted day walking around Bastardo, which was a great success and hardly a loss at all).

So far all these "decisions" turned out to be excellent and I saw more of Umbria in the last three days than in the whole 2 months since I've been here.

Now I'm going to go to sleep and am promising myself to write up my three wonder­ful days in full detail — tomorrow.

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