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In April 2004, I was living in the Italian town of Umbertide and walking around Umbria with occasional excursions outside Umbria, to Rome and elsewhere.

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The more interesting entries are on darker backgrounds.
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April 1‑7
— Diary not kept —
Recovering from a bad flu; very brief summary of a week's worth of diary: a walk to Cesi; finally finding an Etruscan tomb that had eluded me, near S. Giovanni del Pantano; a drive thru the Marche, to the medieval bridge at Apecchio, Fossombrone, the Roman bronzes at Pergola, and the walled city of Corinaldo; and a visit to Spello, during which I start to feel better.
April 9‑10
— Diary not kept —
Good Friday observances in Umbertide; a walk in the immediate surroundings of Umbertide, with a stop at a mysterious building that may or may not be Etruscan; Easter lunch with friends in Trevi.
April 12
— Diary not kept —
A visit to Arezzo and Anghiari (Tuscany).
A drive to Caprese Michelangelo, Anghiari (Tuscany); and Colle Plinio, the supposed Umbrian villa of Pliny the Younger.
April 15
— Diary not kept —
Monterchi (Tuscany); a car trip to Fossato di Vico; Valfabbrica under pouring rain.
April 17
— Diary not kept —
A pair of bus rides gets me from Valfabbrica to Città della Pieve.
A circular walk from Città della Pieve to Piegaro, Monte­gabbione, and Monte­leone di Orvieto.
April 20‑21
— Diary not kept —
Nothing much.
Walk from Massa Martana to Trevi, Day 1: S. Pietro sopra le Acque, Viepri, Montecchio, Bastardo.
April 24
Part 1: Walk from Massa Martana to Trevi, Days 2‑4: Bastardo, Collesecco, Marcellano, S. Terenziano, Barattano, Torri. Part 2: Walk from Bastardo to Giano dell' Umbria (and S. Felice), Castagnola, Monte­falco, Cannaiola.
April 25‑26
— Diary not kept —
Walk from Montecastelli to Sansecondo via Canoscio, and a visit to Trevi.
April 28‑29
— Diary not kept —
April 30
Part 1: Walk from Orvieto to Porano and back; the Etruscan tombs of Hescanas and Settecamini. Part 2: A 2‑day circular walk thru Sala, Ficulle, Fabro, S. Pietro Aquaeortus and Allerona.

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