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Tuesday 6 June

Exhausted; very late — 1130 P.M., Susan off to the ER; I had 1h15m nap around 8 P.M. but am still very tired, after what wasn't really a very long walk, only about 11½ miles, but stiff, thirsty still and sleepy.

Fortunately yesterday was not much to record. I got up late, helped unpack a few boxes, we went into town to do grocery shopping, then jabbered and two people came over, one briefly, a young woman Stephanie who works at the hospital, the other a young man who'd got one of the most extravagant advance billings I've ever heard, but in fact seems to deserve it, Mike Mullins a new pal of hers who is a manager (or something like one) at the Dollar General store, who helps all kinds of people, boundless energy and multifarious talents, knows how to fix everything and do everything, by the end of the evening — he was here for dinner — I had an inferiority complex I could crawl in and bury myself in.

The morning, I left around 9 A.M. and went did some very mild exploring in town, walking up Wheaton Hollow and down Walnut Street and poking around briefly at the Golden Years Rest Home. Also, later — I walked back reaching the house at about 1130 to find Susan of course just waking up — while Susan was at the bank I popped in 60 seconds at the library to say hello to Margaret who to my surprise greeted me with a hug — she seems to have lost a pound or two —

That was yesterday pretty much. Today I walked from the house to Dorton, a gorgeous day for it, and by and large a pretty walk with here and there something of mild interest — but I gotta get to sleep, so the blow-by‑blow will have to wait for tomorrow.

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