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Monday 31 July 2000

A bit of chit-chat with the Bensí family in front of their house near the station yesterday afternoon: I'm finally getting friendly with their dog, who's spent a month barking at me ferociously every time I pass the house, i.e., on average once or twice a day; it turns out Mrs. Bensí is first cousin to Andrea Gambucci: I suppose everyone must be, so to speak, but I was surprised.

At home, remembered to make my mayonnaise, nominally for me but almost all of it for the Rossi's, in time for their 8 P.M. dinner: not the best I've ever made, but not bad: how could it be with this olive oil?

This morning I decided to go turn in film in Terni, train at 1231; [. . .]

The 1231 today got later and later, arriving in Terni about forty minutes late; my photographer doesn't open 'til 4:30, and this is definitely not the best solution: what to do in a deadly hot closed city with essentially nothing to see? I went and ate, and am now sitting under what is basically a carport but rather pleasant, a restaurant on the W side of the Piazza Tacito.​1 I had a lasagna (good if slightly salty), a steak with balsamic vinegar (very good although that was mostly the sauce: a waiter trying to remove my plate when I still had some to sop up, met with Doggoon; it wags its tail a lot, but never, never, get between Doggoon and his food. . .), and a panna cotta with some thawed tart berries. Have just ordered a coffee and a Cointreau, to sit out a while more: it's 1527 fonino time, so even then I'll surely have to wander the streets a bit, or maybe try and find a tea strainer at the UPIM which keeps continuous hours thru lunch. . . This is definitely not the optimal solution, plus I won't be losing any pounds today.


1 Ristorante Tacitus; 62ML

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