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In July 2000, I was living in the Italian town of Fossato di Vico and walking around Umbria with occasional small train trips outside Umbria, to Rome and elsewhere.

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The more interesting entries are on darker backgrounds.
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A side trip to Rimini and to the Republic of San Marino to buy film.
A side trip to Rimini and Pesaro, continued; a walk to the wind power generators at the Cima del Mutali near Fossato di Vico.
A daytrip to Rome: S. Maria Maggiore, S. Pudenziana, S. Susanna and the area around it.
July 4
— Diary not kept —
A visit to Spoleto, especially the church of S. Ponziano, with an unexpected stay there overnight; information about the Spoleto section of the Via Flaminia.
July 6
— Diary not kept —
A visit to Fabriano in the Marche and to the museum at the Palazzo dei Trinci in Foligno.
A brief fragmentary entry, continued the following day, about a trip to Senigallia.
A side trip to Senigallia, in the Marche.
A day of housecleaning, then of shopping in Terni.
The beginning of a visit to Norcia.
July 12
— Diary not kept —
A walk from Norcia to Preci and a second day walking the Valle Castoriana around Preci.
July 14
— Diary not kept —
A walk from Preci to Cerreto di Spoleto with a look at the Triponzo inscription; a second walk around Fossato di Vico: Colbassano, Crocicchio, S. Pellegrino and Palazzolo.
A very brief entry.
A walk from Passignano sul Trasimeno to Magione via Montecolognola.
A walk around Fossato di Vico, to Sigillo and Costacciaro; a meal at Ancona (in the Marche).
July 19
— Diary not kept —
A daytrip to Terni, then the first leg of a 4‑day walk: from Orte Scalo to Attigliano.
A visit to the famous sculpture gardens at Bomarzo (Lazio) just across the Umbrian border.
Days 2 and 3 of a 4‑day walk: from Attigliano to Lugnano in Teverina to Montecchio.
Most of the last day of a 4‑day walk: from Montecchio to Baschi.
The last day of a 4‑day walk, continued: from Baschi to the train station of Orvieto Scalo; brief account of a daytrip to Rome, mostly of S. Silvestro in Capite.
A daytrip to Rome, mostly in the Trastevere district, especially the church of S. Maria in Trastevere.
A summary account of an outing to Cantiano, Cagli, Fonte Avellana (all in the Marche) and Costacciaro (in Umbria).
A visit to Cantiano and Cagli, both in the Marche.
A visit to Fonte Avellana (in the Marche); a daytrip to Deruta.
A daytrip to the beach at Lido di Lavinio (Latina province, Lazio).
A visit to Gualdo Tadino; a visit to Spello.
Pretty much a wasted day, although I go to Terni.

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